Gemini appreciation ♊︎

As some of you know, its gemini season! And you probably have observed that its trendy to hate on geminis for some weird reason. I’m here to remind you geminis to not let the hate get you down! People who hate on you or call you crazy are just jumping on bandwagons and latching onto harmful stereotypes. They don’t understand what the sign gemini is really about and perhaps they have run into a few rotten apples and applied that behavior to the whole group. Also a fun fact, some people who hate on geminis end up having some prominent gemini placements in their birth chart. Gemini haters, look in the mirror.:skull:

Some info about the sign gemini:

  • Element: Air :wind_face:
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Planet ruler: Mercury
  • House association: 3
  • Symbol: :gemini:

Geminis are the masters of being multi-faceted. They’re observant and know how to adjust according to time and place. This doesn’t make them fake or two-faced, they’re just socially aware in that aspect and act appropriately. They’re the best at adapting to new situations. They like to keep busy and have many hobbies and interests, rarely just a few. This is because they’re mutable and like changing things up. Since they are ruled by mercury, the planet of communication, they are known for talking your ear off. If you don’t like their many layers, its probably because you can’t keep up with them.

Happy birthday to all the geminis in the forum! I wanted you guys to know that you are awesome. :heart:


Yes, virtual fist bump to all my fellow Geminis :fist_bump:

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I’m not a Gemini, but my irl best friend is one and she’s awesome so Gemini haters better go away. Don’t be Geminist.


Awwww we should do this for all the star signs!


Yassss I love this :heart_eyes::scream: #gemini



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