Gems and coming back to episode

So I’ve come and gone from writing and reading episode in the past a few times, and when I came back this time I’ve noticed that a lot of regular user stories contain gems. Is that something regular (not featured) creators do now? What do they get from these? I understand adding gems option at the end for support but I read user stories so I could enjoy without spending money. I get so attatched to stories and it’s so annoying when I have to pay to make the storyline go the way I want :((

It is most likely so that they can become a paid writer.

if people spend gem on their story it can help with their ranking so they can be in top 100


ahh ok thank you!

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:person_shrugging::blush: Hope this helps at least a little?


do you know the average amount of payment these creators get??

No, I couldn’t tell you an average since paid writers are not allowed to disclose how much money they get, but I can say that it’s relatively low. Only the ones with consistent millions of reads and gem choices selected get much more money (thousands).


Yes and no. To become a paid writer you need millions of reads for your story or more than 100k gems. So, it takes a while to become a paid writer. Gems are to get a higher rank at the shelves, like @line123462 said. For more information, read @schittwriter’s link. :wink: