GEMS: Gem Choices Should Matter

Recently, I’ve been reading “It Starts With A Bra.” on episode. I paid gems for my character to go on a date with Dylan, but it didn’t seem to have affected Dylan and my character’s relationship. This is unfair. If the “gem choice” will not change anything, don’t make it a gem choice. I paid for my character to strengthen her relationship with Dylan, yet she is still attempting to make Dylan lose interest in her. The whole reason I paid for that choice is because I want my CHARACTER to be with Dylan. If there are 2 love interests, and I don’t get to choose who I end up with, please don’t make us pay gems to go on dates with the guy we won’t end up with. Recently, it’s been bothering me a lot. I don’t even know if this is making sense, but overall, don’t make gem choices if the gem choices are going to be useless to the story’s outcome. Thank you very much.


Yeah I totally get how you feel :confused: It seems nowadays the only thing you really get from gem choices in featured stories are bonus scenes and some added dialogue but nothing that carries over from episode to episode. There’s no lasting impact. Even worse, I remember purchasing a gem choice in one of Joseph Evan’s stories months ago and finding out when I replayed the story that the choice actually made NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER even though the choice gave off the impression that it would. I was so disappointed that I haven’t used any gems toward any other stories of his since then. Hopefully, Episode will get better at making gem choices that actually matter instead of just making readers think that they do. Smh


Unfortunately we won’t accomplish anything.

I agree, especially with what @misfits-n-tantrums brought up about the bonus scenes. They name these choices as if it will make a difference to your story & they’re highly overpriced too. 20 gems to go on a date with the guy I want to end up with, but I don’t even get a choice in that. It doesn’t affect what my ending is whatsoever. It’s pretty annoying. This is why I rarely read stories created by the Episode team, and I only read community stories.


I agree with what you guys are saying. Gem Choices Should Matter in your gameplay. It has to give you some sort of advantage. It should either affect the storyline, affect the MC’s relationship with someone or inform the reader of something that no one will know if they did not pay diamonds. At the same time though, the gem choices should not have such a big advantage, because of the people who did not use diamonds. I do not think it would be fair to them.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. When gem choices were released to all writers, it was explained, they can be used for special scenes, new outfits etc.

What you suggest, is impossible, because writers don’t know how to write hard branching. Only Wincy does.

I disagree. Wincy is an amazing writer, but she definitely is not the only one who knows how to write ‘hard’ branching. I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

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