Gems Gems for the community

Skip the wait wasn’t enough now u have to use gems for clothes in community? Are you guys for real
I have to uninstall episode at this point
It used to be life escape 4 me but not anymore i cant read one story without being asked for gems


Yes, that’s true. Gems have become a lot more important and I suppose lucrative for Episode. Community authors need to add gem choices if they wanted to be supported, if they want a better chance of getting into payments, if they want a gem bonus and if they want their stories to trend. It’s a pressure and essentially an unsaid/unofficial requirement, authors may have the choice to add them or not, but not adding them has more negative consequences as a whole than not adding them at all. :person_shrugging:

I agree though, I don’t think community authors should charge gems for outfits that are available to the community for free, but I can understand that they’re exploring different ways to (hopefully) make their stories more successful on the app. Most authors actually don’t have outfit choices as gem choices though.


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