Gems reduced in portal?

So I had 34 gems unitl today morning and now I have 22 gems :sweat_smile: for my story.
I have no idea :skull:


tbh I dunno. same thing happened to my friend. are you in the contest, by any chance?



I published my R&R entry a few days ago.

I am trying to see if there is some kind of correlation because my friend is too, and once the deadline came, she lost some gems too.
I think if you published a little before the deadline, and some people gave you gems, they will take them away for some reason. Probably so everyone has an equal, fair opportunity to trend… I am not so sure. This is just my own little hypothesis because I was confused too.

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My friend published over a day before, and she got a few gems, but she lost them the day of the deadline.

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Oh ok. That’s a little annoying but it was 34 gems yesterday too :thinking:

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Okay so I just checked my lifetime gems and it shows 34 :sweat_smile: but I did publish in March itself so :sweat_smile:

That is so strange ;-; I really hope it’s nothing too bad going on.

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Ik. If it’s anything like the theory you mentioned, then uh- :skull:

Yeah, I saw that too, because I had 60 all the time, and someone sent me screenshots where you can see that reader “support” author. But in portal I had nothing more :woman_facepalming:

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Hi there @Gowri.Writes, if you haven’t done so already, you may want to let our support team know about this issue via help ticket :smiley:

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