General Coding Help and Complicated Choices

Hey everyone!

If you are new to Episode and don’t know where to start but REALLY want to write a story, comment below!

I recommend this Youtube channel if you are just starting out or if you forgot how to do things and need a refresher: Joseph Evans

Here is a link to my story: Forbidden Romance:
I am currently finishing it up, but you can play it and if you have questions about how I did something, let me know and I can help you out!

When I first started, the Episode guides were very confusing and they didn’t help me out as much as I would like. I also had a ton of questions that were never addressed! If you need help, let me know! You can message me a screen shot of your coding and I can help you out.

Good luck!


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I don’t know what you mean :thinking: the code is:
@CHARACTERNAME goes to character avatar

You have to replace CHARACTERNAME with your character name.

If you want you can do it the old way :slight_smile:
Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


I recommend going into the writer’s portal, start a new Episode or just try and get a new and blank work space to mess around, make edits, and make mistakes on.
If you go down to the right corner, you will see the Library section, click on “Script Templates” and then “Avatar - (male or female)”

Go ahead and click on that and then makes all the changes you want. You can add in your own outfits and remove any of the hair colors or stuff like that.

I recommend doing it on a blank canvas because if you make one little mistake, you want to be able to easily go back and find where it is.

Once you play around with it and get used to it, if you still have questions, let me know!

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Thank you.
I’ll surely go to see what says the link you have shared.

Thank you for the help, I’ll follow your advice as soon as I can.

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