General question about naming

I was wondering if I made this right.
Im going to have my readers pick their name.
I have a dialogue that says:

“This song is for you, ELLE (sample name)” Let’s say the reader picked "ELLE as a name. But of course, i wouldnt type that.

Instead, i wrote.,
This song is for you [NAME]

Did I do it right?

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If you put this code into your story (the bolded part):

What’s your name?

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

[NAME] is such a cool name!

Then yes, it’s right

P.S You would write [NAME], not ELLE.


It will work as long as you have asked the reader what name they want and check in the coding for allowing someone to choose a name and see if its [FIRSTNAME]= or [NAME] you will need to use whichever is used in the code

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Yes. As the two have explained above. But check it on your app. The web preview won’t remember typed in choices like the name input :blush:

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Thank you guys. I would try it tomorrow. I think the code i used was “FIRSTNAME”.

And i can’t preview my story on my app since yesterday, idk what happened, but i’ve sent a ticket, still waiting for their response.

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