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I’m new to episode. First and foremost I would like to say I appreciate any and everything that anyone does for me. I know that art takes time and I don’t rush anyone. If anyone feels like I’m rushing them or there’s anything I say that may rub off the wrong way please message me before taking things the wrong way. I wouldn’t hurt a fly and I’m very grateful for anything that anyone does for me. This is my third day on episode. Is there a rule about requesting an art Scene? One person was doing an art scene and then another person was doing another art scene that I was going to be needing 3 chapters later which I already have written down. I made someone mad by doing so and it wasn’t my intentions at all. I feel really bad about it and I would never want anyone to feel this way. :frowning: I’m still learning and navigating around episode so I just wanted to get the hang of things and get a few answers. I’m not a selfish person and I wasn’t going to take advantage of anyone asking for 4 or 5 different arts when others need art as well. I feel really bad about it but, it was taken the wrong way. Thanks guys.


This thread can close now. I read some rules. Thanks :slight_smile:


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@Lunar_Rose thank you so much
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