Generational Divides & How I Don't Hate Gen-Z

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I grew up in relation to my classification as a “millennial”, the generation referred to as the most coddled, selfish and spoiled, and how boomers and gen-x viewed and talked about us. I didn’t get it then and I always figured I would understand it when I was an adult but I’m an adult now and I feel none of that. I’m thinking maybe we might be the first generation to not pass along this vitriolic resentment. Like, as an elder millennial I don’t get TikTok, I don’t get the appeal of BTS or k-pop in general. I don’t know why kids like most of what is popular right now, and sometimes I make fun of it, but that has literally never translated into a hatred for gen z and a need to vilify or demonize them. Every time I hear a story about someone from gen-z it’s always about advocating for gun reform, or water for Flint, or protesting police brutality, or speaking to the UN about climate change and I feel better about the future and proud of kids standing up for it. If millennials can hold off the apocalypse long enough I think gen-z will be able to really thrive and make something better out of the world we live in. Is this just me? Do any other millennials feel this? Do any Gen-Z kids feel differently?


I’m not a millennial, nor a gen-z. I was born in that limbo in between the two generations so I don’t really know what I am but I absolutely agree. Today’s generation knows how to appreciate a good laugh about stupid things but they’re so grown up and mature for their age. I really feel hope when I see them discussing because they’re not scared of having an idea and to act as a consequence. I feel like this is also the world that they (and we) were forced to be born in


Its confusing the terms because some say certain groups are these and others that…

Like I have no idea which Gen I belong to. I’ve read some say Gen Y. Some say Gen Z…


Most researchers classify Gen-Z as being born after 2001, two of the only obvious differentials between Gen-Y/Millenials and Gen-Z right now is that the latter has never experienced life pre-9/11 or pre-internet, however research really doesn’t start on generations until after they’ve graduated high school and that just started happening for Gen-Z so the boundaries haven’t been solidified yet.

Also people still regularly call millennials “kids today”, when the oldest of us are in their 30s now so it’s easy to get confused.


Why do people hate Gen Z anyway? It’s not like the other generations were better. Yeah, in the “good old days” they had fun or whatever, but at least we don’t have the problems we had then. Like extreme racism (I know it still exists) but much less. We don’t have to live in segregation, and girls aren’t forced to so things they don’t want to (as well as boys). The only really bad thing now is the big increase in global warming, which was brought up so many times in the past but people ignored it. If we acted then, things wouldn’t be as bad as they are now. I remember the people in the streets with signs saying “the world is ending” or “the world is dying” and they were just called the crazy people or the homeless crack heads.


I’m gen Z so might be biased, but why do people hate the generation?

Boomers screwed up so much gen X didn’t give a fuck and did there own thing and most millennials are offended about something :joy:

Gen Z so far hasn’t been really bad and I’ve only seen good things

I don’t know, I experienced part of the life pre 9/11 (even if I remember little to nothing) but I definitely grew up in the technological era. I can’t really relate to neither of the generations so I’ll just avoid to put a label on myself :sweat_smile:

I can’t see that anyone does yet, Gen Z is too young to be defined as a generation, a large portion is still in school and not contributing to the economy or the work force yet.

It’s not a matter of identity, if you were born post 2001 you are considered Gen-Z, if you were born before you’re a Millennial, there is something to be said for people born in the in-between but again we don’t know those perimeters and what they look like yet and probably won’t for at least another decade.


I’m Gen Z and I don’t really understand what the problem with it is. Is it the fact that we have grown up with technology and everyone is able to do everything easily that people used to struggle to do?

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Trust me, a lot of people hate Gen Z, especially the boomers.

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Well I’m a milleanial and I blame the hatred agenda on Boomers lol.

Just kidding, I think every single generation has it’s cons and pros and its all circunstancial on what they’ve been through. Theres no worst or better generation… I do think it’s time for Boomers to start fading away NOT LIKE I WANT THEM TO DIE but I think it’s time for a step up on the predominant generation in order to make changes to the world.


Gen z just ended in 2010, so we just have to see what the future holds

Generation T, those are the new incoming

Actually its gen Alpha, unless you mean the one after alpha?

Also I like how one gen just casually named themselves the Greatest Generation

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