'Generic male' shows feminine clothings first?

Is this a bug or intentional? Having to scroll all the way down to find masculine clothing is really weird, not saying this in an offensive way.

Also I’m sorting by newest but get those instead of the new stuff from recent art updates…

You have it sorted by newest first - maybe these are new or have been updated. I’m sure you’re not trying to sound offensive, but I’d probably rephrase what you’re trying to say. :blush:

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I totally get what you mean when you say not in an offensive way
I sorted it through most recently updated and that seemed to work for me

I usually go for “most recently updated” to see the updates - otherwise I just keep it by “newest first” and then go onto the “show all tops” ect…

It may be intentional but I’m not too sure - probably something to do with the algorithm I guess