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I need someone’s help. PLEASE. I’ve been struggling with this for a hot minute, thinking I could handle it when I cannot. My problem is I have a storyline with all genders. Now I got the male structure done, but the female part is hard. I’m trying to do the storyline with the generic and plus at the same time so readers can choose their body type. I don’t know if the dialogue is right; but when I preview it, the plus character seems fine. But when I choose generic, it doesn’t go there. I’ll post my dialogue and the picture of what I’m talking about. Not only that, I just get confused about how the whole dialogue goes with two different characters. I really don’t know what I’m doing. Please help me…someone. :sweat:

I tried Dara Amarie templates and I get even more confused. I could really use some help.

I clicked generic and this popped up.

I don’t FULLY understand the issue so this is a guess buttt you’ve used the point system but 3/4 of them are 0.

for eg:
Generic {
YOU =0
Athletic {
YOU =1
Soft {
YOU =2
Plus {
YOU =3

Let me know if this works! If not, there are other ways to do this! :slight_smile:

That’s not working. It won’t go to generic.

ok then I’d suggest using this method:

You have to make two characters, so that’s an extra storyline as plussize isn’t a body type, its a character type.

What body type would you like?
choice (bodytype)
“Generic” {
@YOU changes body into Female Generic Body
} “Athletic” {
@YOU changes body into Female Atheltic Body"{
} “Soft” {
@YOU changes body into Female Soft Body"
} “Plus”{
@remove YOU
goto plus_size_storyline

If they choose one of the first three, then you can keep to one storyline. But if they choose plussize, you’ll need to make another storyline.

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It looks like you ran the whole script and made the character become a plus, re-ran it, and tried to change a plus into a generic body type, which caused the character to look glitchy given by the screenshot above.

Once the system goes past line 76, the generic will now permanently take on the appearance of a plus because of the become command. So even if you click on generic and on the right storyline, the plus appears. This issue will only happen to the author herself/himself, it will not affect the readers as readers do not get to replay the chapter.

If this bothers you, the only way is to create another duplicate character and have the original character become the duplicate character. You can remove the code before you publish it.

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Thank you! I was getting confused because it didn’t change. I thought I did something wrong.
@Sydney_H Please close this.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: