Genevieve's Holiday Art Gift! ❤️ (CLOSED)

Welcome to…

Heyyyyy, it’ me, Genevieve! (AKA The Paris Lover)
I love making episode edits and artwork IG: genevieve.parislover (it would be great if u follow me)

ANYWAYS, I decided to give u a Christmas gift (aka large cover/ small cover/ art scenes/ overlays/ outro/ splash/ outline) So pls send me ur:
-character details
-the outfit
-the pose
-edit or drawn (drawn: realistic or episode)

Extra: (optional)
Large cover/ Small Cover: Title, heading, background (optional
Art scenes: background (optional)
Overlays: picture as reference
Outro/Splash: text

Don’t spam
No bully
Don’t copyright my edits
Have clear details
Be patient
Credit me
Most request per person: 3
Don’t send me the details anymore after the deadline (more info below)
Type this before u make the details so I know u read my rules and make it BLURRED
Password: Paris

Episode edits:

Realistic drawn:

Episode drawn:


Then, I am going to send my finished artwork to you in Christmas!!:heart:
The deadline is: 1st December, 2019

Ppl who had requested with no finished product yet

@PSYCHO3 @stuckinmyimsgination
@NoellaBason Artist: @stuckinmyimagination
@ElizabethRose artist: @Jubels
@emmywa12 Artist: not sure yet so it will be @TheParisLover
@Alicek1 artist: @Jubels
@okayyy_camille artist: @TheParisLover

Feel free to DM or send the details in the comments! I will be waiting!:heart:


I have a request! Pls do it!
password: Paris
LL Female
Drawn episode pls


Bodycolor: Neutral 03
Brow: Arched Natural, Color: Deep Brown
Hair: Long curls, Color: Deep Brown
Face: Diamond
Eyes: Generic, Color: Dark brown
Lips: Full Round Flat top skin, Color: Rose Gloss
Nose: Defined Natural


Pose like that:


What do you mean with large or small??
Maybe you can choose me a background?
Thank you!

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I send the pose again!


Pose like that:

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Oh. Small cover means:

Large cover:

And btw

Thank you! A Small Cover Pls

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do you do custom poses??? I’d do them myself but I’ve got so many asessments lol

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Yes I do them :heart:

No problem❤️

can I resquest a custom pose? or do you already have enough requests…

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I don’t mind more requests :heart:

It's for a art piece for my character

Custom 1: can the character being doing the flirt_wink_forward and doing the peace sign?
style: INK
Gender: Female:
Skin: Light
Brow: Defined natural
Hair: Beach wave hair (chestnut)
Eyes: Upturned bold (blue)
face: soft heart
Nose: Soft natural
Lips: Full round (terracotta)
Outfit: Deep V Short Dress (Cabernet), tattooed rocker boots

password Paris

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Password? (Sorry but I need to make sure that u’ve read my rules)

Thank you!:heart:

oh yeah sorry! forgot that lol, I edited it into my post

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And do u mean artwork or edit? Just to make sure


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tysm! and one sec, I forgot to add the headphones into the outfit sorry!

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Oh, sure!:grin: