Genre Birthdays



Genre Birthdays
January: Drama
February: Romance
March: Adventure
April: Comedy
May: Action
June: Mystery
July: Fantasy
August: Drama
September: Mystery
October: Thriller
November: Horror
December: Fantasy
Comment down your genre!

Meme Birthdays!

Mine is mystery, but I’m all for romance :upside_down_face:


I’m adventure ! I like it , but I think drama or romance would have fitted me better .


FANTASY YESSS :mage::fairy::vampire::mermaid::elf::genie::superhero:


Adventure YASSSSS Let’s speak to dem monkeyssssss and go on journeyyyyyyssssss






I’m so happy to be thriller


I’m mystery :joy:

Fantasy’s my favorite though


Comedy :upside_down_face: always rocks or pebble / stones :grin:


Omg mine is Drama lol @Killerfrost


Heck yeah fantasy! My favorite genre. :kissing_heart:


Ooh. Mystery. Yay!!


But my favs are action and comedy :sweat_smile:
Not a big fan of too much romance :rofl:

@QueenMilii switch with me :sunglasses: and @Mary-P so lucky :smile:

Btw love this thread ; )


Thank you so much!
Still trying to come up with creative threads :heart:


Damn Mystery. I love me some Mystery but I have a soft spot for Fantasy and Romance (like really good romance not that cliche shit)


Samee XDD


Mine’s Comedy! :joy:


I was so focus on my birthday that I didn’t see the GIF with the girl twerking her spine.

I cannot. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


LOL, I just added that there for fun didn’t think anyone would notice it :laughing: