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Please keep in mind that these are my own opinions, you don’t have to agree with me i’m only putting my thoughts out there. :relaxed:

I’ve always loved reading fantasy stories however nowadays the fantasy section is filled with cliché stories with the rare exception of a few hidden gems. I don’t know about anyone else but i’m tired of seeing ‘Pregnant by a vampire…’ and ‘The white wolf’s moon…’ etc. From the start i’ve wanted to write a unique and unorthodox fantasy story that would hopefully rise above this sea of clichés. However it has come to my attention that many of my favourite fantasy stories are getting lost in the repeated titles. To me this is completely unfair as it is obvious that these particular authors tried incredibly hard to rise above the ‘badly thought out’ stories of the section. And yes i understand every author tries hard in hope that their story will indeed be noticed and read by many people however it is extremely obvious to me who has tried the hardest and who has actually written a story from scratch instead of seeing another author’s story and changing it around to fit their perspectives. With this in mind i have started to reconsider my original plans for my fantasy story and attempted to move on to another genre- romance.

I never even considered writing romance until a few days ago when i came to the conclusion that people may not be as interested in fantasy as they used to be. So i started planning out my new ‘romance’ story. However i still wanted to write fantasy and show people that fantasy isn’t completely dead. I’ve always noticed that people often prefer romance stories due to the successful authors and the ‘to die for’ male love interests everyone goes on about.

So i’m asking you this- Which genre do you personally prefer? Fantasy :unicorn: or Romance :kiss:? {Please explain your reasons in your reply}

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Personally, I like both genres. Romance is really good it makes you really happy and really into it when you read a romance story but in Fantasy u get to see out of the normal things altho it dosen’t really show but in a way, it brings magic.:grin:


I agree! Both genres make you feel different emotions, good and bad. Thank you for your opinion :relaxed:


your welcome :blush:


I like both but I always end up reading romance stories. It’s a little harder for me to get into fantasy, can’t wait to see what you come up with though!


That’s interesting i always thought fantasy was a little more direct than romance :thinking:–Thank you so much for sharing!!!


I absolutely love fantasy since when I was a kid. However, I still like stories about normal life. The main reason because I prefer fantasy over romance (Excluding the amount of fantasy books and videogames that I’ve had.) is because romance often isn’t able to catch my attention, with all those cliches and characters I can barely recognize myself into or even get affectionate to I literally cried because I befriended a piece of cake, when I was nine, and they forced me to eat it.


Yeah i get what you mean, sometimes it is nice to read stories about ordinary lives. However you still need that little bit of magic and those beautiful characters in order to fall in love with the story :relaxed:. And i totally relate to the cake whenever someone got me a chocolate bunny for Easter i refused to eat it :joy:


WRITE WHAT YOU WANNA WRITE, but like I told you there’s nothing wrong with mixing genre’s! STOP PROCRASTINATING RONI AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART (oml this last part was cliche af :sob:)


I’m just a sucker for love. :smile:






From my point of view, there’s nothing better than a fantasy story with right amount of romance. I read mostly fantasy and adventure stories because the romantic ones are full of clichés. What’s more, when you see stories where the main character falls for mafia boss or where a girl ends up pregnant by a badboy/goldenboy everywhere, it starts to get pretty annoying.

I’m also sad when I see fantasy stories which are about the same stuff… vampires, werewolves, princesses… There are many ways to express something fantastical. It’s not only about werewolves and vampires and kingdoms.

This is my personal opinion, no hate please :raised_hands:


I completely agree with you, it’s getting boring seeing everyone copy everyone else. It’s like people are trying to play it safe by rewriting popular stories instead of writing a unique story that has even more of a chance at being popular. :sparkles:


True. It feels like I’m reading the same story again and again, just with different names and looks of the characters. The main plot is always very similar. I would rather try something new, even though if it meant it wouldn’t be so popular. Vamps and wolves are great but not when they are in every story I see.


I like both, but I prefer fantasy. I wrote a fantasy story ( not about werewolves or vampires), but it contains romance too. I like a mix of fantasy and romance best. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing! – What’s your story called? i’ll give it a read! :blush:


It’s called Dark Temptation. :slight_smile:
Here are some details about it:

Style: Limelight
Description: Popularity, friends and a hot boyfriend: Lia’s life is nearly perfect. But things take a darker turn when a new guy shows up and with him the truth about Lia’s identity…
Reveal the secret of Lia’s 18th birthday. Will you make the right choices?
Many choices that matter and affect the storyline! I also use the point system.


Personally, I prefer romance.

However, I can indulge in fantasy if the world is written well and is believable. Aha, of course fantasy is in fact not reality but if the world made and the overall story is realistically written to seem as if this is the reality of the story (bah, I am trying to make sense but eek) then I can most definitely appreciate it.

I am a bit particular with romance, romances that are deep and emotional are more to my preference. The physical part of apparent romances does not appeal that much to me and at times, I was confused on why characters would kiss at the first episode. I did enjoy these stories but I would have preferred to be eased in.

Actually, in my story the characters have the opportunity to kiss at the fifth episode and some time has passed (months) when they were getting to know each other - I wanted to emphasise the importance of an emotional bond but I am planning to contrast this emotional bond with a physical bond soon to show readers the difference.


I completely agree with you on the need to be eased into the romance; stories with very fast romantic paths really put me off the story no matter how indulged I am. The story I am currently working on is a fair mix of both genres, which will hopefully intrigue both fantasy and romance lovers :sparkling_heart: