Genres and ranking, is this true?

Hey guys! I just need to check a few things, I’m still kinda new (as a new author) and all of this.

Is it true that after 3 months after your story has been published, you can get on the ranks, and not before?
I’ve heard that an episode employee will “review” your story and tell you if your story is able to get on the ranks or not. I ask all of this because I was stuck at #101 in action for more than 24hours and it didn’t move… A few days later, I somehow went to #99, stayed on that spot for only an hour or two. Later I dropped at #101 again and now I keep dropping (Bc nobody’s reading atm and I understand that)

Just want to know how everything works :slight_smile:


i’m not an author and i don’t know how it works, but congrats on making 99 on action! and also maybe you could pm one of the episode members or whatever to get your answer

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It doesn’t have to be 3 months. It’s just whenever they get the chance to review it.


do they review EVERYBODIES books?

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Episode will only allow stories that have been revised on the ranks; therefore; you need to request a review from episode.

Note: even though the story hasn’t been reviewed; episode will eventually review it. If they find something against the guidelines, then they will remove it from the ranks.

No, it’s not true.
My story was reviewed after being published for 4 days.

Until I was reviewed, I wasn’t able to have a rank showing higher than this.

I don’t think you can request reviews at the moment (unless it’s changed recently). Last time I enquired I was told they don’t take requests and your story will just be reviewed if needed.

Only if it’s reported or if it reaches trending.

For a story to appear on the trending page, it needs to be reviewed. If a story gets enough reads to reach trending but it isn’t reviewed, it will stay at 101 (or go lower) until it is approved.


thank you!

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Thanks for the thread! It cleared some of my doubts :grin:.

I noticed that some authors receive an e-mail that their story has been approved. Do you know if this always happens?
My first story has been on the trending page for a while (about a week or two), but I didn’t get a notice. That’s why I thought maybe it still needs to be reviewed.

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From what I heard, you do get a notification in the Writer’s Portal or email.

It may take a long time for your story to be reviewed, especially since you need to get reads and can’t request a review.

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You usually do (and I think you’re supposed to), but I’ve had some friends whose stories showed up in the genre trending and they never received an email :woman_shrugging:t3:
I guess it could have gone to spam or something. Who knows lol

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Thanks! I’m relieved to hear that :smile:.
I think I’m going to skip browsing my spam :thinking:. The most important thing is that, despite the lack of an e-mail, the story is displayed in the ranking.

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