George’s Art Shop! 🦁 {OPEN!}

Sure no problem, thank you very much :heart:

  • preferred artist: @JennIzzy_Love

  • ink or LL: LL

  • character details: two characters, one female, one male,
    female ice blue silver eyes , ash blonde (silver )hair, Full mouth, coper color skin three, long flowy hair.

Male, dark brown hair, copper color skin three, green eyes, side curl hair , muscular build

  • outfits: Male dark outfit with or without shirt , both is oke,
    Female : flowy dress angel like

  • text: Forbidden soul

  • anything extra: wings Male dark , the female Light

  • pose: opposite of each other but touching each other, like maybe with the hands in a heart with lighting in the touch , or just touching with hands with some kind of lighting

  • deadline: no deadline

  • background: dark and light , that it is mixed maybe her side dark and his side light or flowing into it

password: fire :fire:

thank you so much :hugs: :heart:

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Hey Im really sorry I was scrolling to see if everyones requests were made? Do you still need it… Im not sure why your chosen artist didnt respond im so sorry :confused:

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Hey love thank you and your request is accepted… I’d start on it very soon :sparkling_heart:

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all good!! I am still trying to find an artist for it.

Maybe I could do it? Depends if you want it drawn or edited?

Hey can you please add me as unavailable … I have exams again :sneezing_face::sneezing_face::pleading_face::sob::sob::sob:

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Yep no problem <3 good luck!!

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Thank you sm :heart::heart:

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Hi! I would like to request a character card!


Body: Male athletic (Gold 02)
Brow: Arched medium (Deep brown)
Hair: Side curls (Brown Black)
Eyes: Deepset downturned (Deep blue)
Face: Chiseled square stubble shaved
Mouth: Medium Heart (pink beige matte)
Nose: Grecian Hooked

  • outfit?


  • want to show your outfit details on it? Yes
  • text? Add his name, Aiden
  • pose? Idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
  • anything extra? Make the text and everything else Minimalistic, nothing too fancy, simple aesthetic
    -deadline? No deadline
  • background?

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Hey im competing you request now but i can find the colour brown black for the hair are you sure its that colour?

  • Edited or drawn?: Edited
  • Waist Up or Shoulder Up?: Waist Pls
    *Deadline?: Not really just as soon as possible
  • Character Style? (eg: limelight, ink): LL
  • Preferred Artist?
  • Character details?:
    Body:Female Soft Body (Gold 06)
    Brow:Arched Natural (deep brown)
    Hair; Wavy Side Curls ( black dark)
    Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Black)
    Face: Diamond
    Nose: Round Button Upturned
    Mouth:Full Round Pouty (Brown Gold)
  • Character outfit?:
  • Background?: image
  • Pose? (with reference): The episode Giggle
    Thank you to whoever takes this request
    Im requesting a pfp btw :heartpulse:

Fire :fire:

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Ill get on to it as soon as i finish 2 other requests because they requested first in other shops I have since its half term tho it should be done within a week so :innocent::innocent:

@Ashh36 and @Babi13 i will finish your requests soon!

But please no one else request from me i am unavalible for a while sorwy :slight_smile:

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