German speakers needed

Hi! First of all: I hope you are safe and you and your family are healthy during this time!

So back to the topic, I’ve recently started learning german and I think I’m improving each day but there’s one thing that I don’t understand at all!
What’s the difference between ‘das, der, die,’?

I’d appreciate it a lot if someone could explain it. :heartpulse:

Das is when you refer to an object.

For example: Das Tish

Der is masculine, so referring to a male.

For example: Der herrin

And Die is feminine, when you refer to a female. But some objects you have to refer in die.

For example; die busse. Notice the “e” at the end of the object. That makes it feminine.

German is my first language and even I get confused. Guys correct me if I’m wrong :rofl:

And Lol I just finished a chapter where there’s a couple speaking in German and I see this post. What kind of voodoo is this? :rofl:


@josiej8 ur correct
Das is used for terms like it
Die is used for her/she
Der is used for him/he
Der/Die/Das are also used for non-living things and that is very difficult to remember :neutral_face:


Thank you!!

Who made the German language so difficult? :rofl:



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Thank you so much guys!! Or should I say ‘danke’? :joy:

Hey I’m from Germany I can help u:)

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Thank you, but @josiej8 and @Apart_12345 already help me!
But thank you anyways!


Der is for things who r male
Die is for things that r femin
Das is for things that r neutral or things that but there’s an exception Das Mädchen and girls r not neutral they’re femin haha.You just need to learn the nouns where Das is:)


Danke! Thank you!!

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Bitte schon x

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Ich finden deutsche einfach.

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