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Hello everyone! I think you are already tired of me creating threads about this topic and I’m sorry, I know that no one uses my stories and characters but I do this for fun and as a way to distract myself.

The main purpose of this thread is to give away my ideas in a different way (since I already have other threads). So you can pick your favorite plot, character, and names, but the main condition is to pick at least 2 ideas of mine. Here are some examples:

Plot 1 + MC details 2
Plot 3 + LI personality 1
Plot 2 + MC name 3
Plot 1+ Side character details 4

That’s it! I will update often If I see that people find this useful. I would give 100% rights to you, credit is optional and I’m not profiting in any way. I would also promote your stories (yes, even tho you published them before) as a way to thank you for supporting this thread <3

You only need to reply with something on this thread so I can PM since I won’t reply to anything here (all the details will be in the original post, I can only reply to some doubts).

pick a mini plot (you can mix two plots if you want)
  1. MC is new in town and tends to be nice to everyone. What will happen when she talks to the lonely and broken guy of that place? Or will she let people influence her or will she try to get to know the real reasons why he is hated by others?
  2. People think of duality when they look at MC because she has two personalities. MC can be the funniest and quirkiest girl at college (to the point where people her classmates think she is dumb) and the stoic and cold daughter of a mafia boss at the same time.

What will happen when she meets two boys that know only a part of her? Will she be afraid of showing her whole personality or will she try to hide her duality?

LI 1 is from college, only knows her funny side.
LI 2 is from the mafia, only knows her powerful and fearless side.
She is afraid of letting them know the other because they may not like it.

  1. LI is a boy who overthinks all the time and has a logical mind. MC, on the other side, has a free spirit and tends to be impulsive. What will happen when they are both stuck in a situation where they need to cooperate?
pick a MC/LI

Female Soft Body
Gold 01
Straight Medium Light Brown
Long Voluminous Curls Loose Platinum Blonde
Deepset Downturned Blue Deep
Pointed Downturned
Heart Shaped Pout Pink Warm Gloss

Male Generic Body
Gold 04
Furrowed Raised S Black Jet
Medium Taper Wavy Black Jet
Delicate Almond Brown Dark
Straight Narrow
Medium Straight Natural Neutral Medium Nude Matte

pick a side character (they can be friends, family members, etc. the only condition is that they need to have a relevant role in the story. you can also change their outfit style)
  1. Amber

Female Generic Body
Cooper 02
Arched Short Dark Brown
Short Wavy Ombre Black Dark
Angular Slender Brown Light
Square Youthful
Round Button Upturned
Medium Thin Pink Warm Gloss

Quilt Seam Gold Jacket Leather Grey Black
Vneckstrap Polyester Neutral Black
Laced Up Studded Open Toed Heels Leather Grey Black

  1. Abbie


Female Soft Body
Gold 04
Straight Medium Black Dark
Long High Ponytail Deep Brown
Round Medium Brown Dark
Square Chiseled
Round Broad
Full Round Flat Top Skin Rose Medium Nude Matte

Cold Shoulder Key Hole Crop Top Cotton Purple Blue Violet
Leather Miniskirt with Zippers Red Plum
Belted Ankle Boots Black And Purple Leather

pick a name (these can be used for MC, LI and secondary character)
  1. Bryce Amberwood
  2. Aisha Chamblack
  3. Denise Lawbett
  4. Elvis Davron
  5. Kelly Gorestt
pick a personality (this can be used for LI/MC)
  1. Smart, rebellious, and free-spirited.
  2. Authoritarian, impulsive, and logical (yes, it depends on the situation, so this confuses many people).
  3. Extroverted, loves philosophy, and loves to talk.

*Note: I will remove the things you requested from the thread once your petition is finished. There’s no limit for things you can request <3



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