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Hi! Thank you for checking my art out! If you want a sketch, just fill out this form.
I’m not a professional artist, I just do this for fun. But I need to “expand my horizons” and draw new things.
I draw on paper, so the result might not be what you think.

NOTE: I need a pose reference, whether it is for the facial expression or body pose. Please.

Remember: I might choose to not do yours, because of different reasons: (1) I get frustrated easily, so if your drawing isn’t like I wanted it to be I might just give up, (2) I don’t have time to do every sketch I’m asked to do (this depends heavily on how many requests I’ll get), (3) I might have no idea on how to do what you want, or (4) I might just not want to do it. Please don’t get mad at me if this happens.

Example (only one, I know, but I'll get more!)



that is really pretty


Thank you!! :heartbeat:


Wow! This looks amazing! :heart_eyes:

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Thank youuu :sob: :sparkling_heart:

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Sis, you talented!

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Thank you! :pleading_face: :sparkling_heart: