Get an Episode bff!


Have you ever wanted an Episode bff? If you have, look down below!:arrow_double_down:

What does having an Episode bff mean?

It means getting to hang out with someone
Socialising with someone
Having fun

How could having an Episode bff help me?

He/she could help with anything! From imagination to writing stories!
It will help your imagination and kindness flow!
If you are wanting to have a story, they can help you!

How does someone else add me as their bff?

Simply just put your name down below and 2 facts about yourself! If anyone has similar interests, they can message you to ask to be their Episode bff!

How do I add someone as my bff?

Just look down at all of the names and facts in the posts bit! If someone catches your eye and has similar interests, you can click onto their profile and then !essage them to be your Episode bff!

P.s I am also looking for a Episode bff, so if you like some of my interests, you can message me to be your Episode bff!

My name: Kacy
Fact 1: I love being an author!
Fact 2: I love helping people!

If you have similar interests, message me and ask for me to be your Episode bff!

With lots of hopes and dreams given towards everyone, Kacy!

Believe and you shall succeed!


Hi. Kacey i could be you Bff episode if you want we like the same things. And i think we maybe can help eachother.
From : Husky4132. :smiley:


this is an awesome thread !!


I’m Jayda!
Fact: I’m in grade 10.
Fact: I play volleyball, it’s my favourite sport.


I love sports!:heart_eyes:


name: ABBHA
fact 1: i feel happy inside and whatever i feel gets into my writing and i love about it
fact 2 : i am self obsessed and i am obsessed with good work, whenever i see it i couldn’t stop and appreciate it


This user (@KACY_Episode) is suspended, sorry. :woman_shrugging:t3:


and what does that means?


Her account has been suspended due to age so she’s not meant to be on here so she won’t be online.


who’s account has been suspended?


and what is this age thing?