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I really need help! So im trying to make my person as a kid run and it says unexpected sequence You cannotuse a director command starting with @. And like I removed the @ and the person before it starts talking about what the kid was suppose to say/do. And the only way to get rid of that error is when you removed the @. Pls help!!!

@MEREDITH faces right
MEREDITH (callout_neutral)
ATLAS! Come here!
@MEREDITH faces left

@ATLAS (run_athletic_neutral_loop)
Hi auntie Amelia!

The @ATLAS is the problem

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yes this is the problem, when you want a character doing an animation, write instead

@ATLAS is run_athletic_neutral_loop

you only add () when the character is talking but without the @ in front of the name
ATLAS ( run_athletic_neutral_loop)
Dialogue here

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Seems like you forgot to put an animation.

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oh thank you!!

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nvm @Marysol.Episode said it already :skull:

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its fine aha! but ty tho

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