Get featured in my story!


I am including a scene in my story Love Is A Game, the scene calls for a lot of people.
So, i am asking if you guys can participate. I am taking 2 people for the story. If you want to be in it please reply with your character details and your social medias and author name on episode.

Style: INK


What style is your story in @cathyywrites


Good question :slight_smile: I believe their story is in ink.


Ok, thanks:grinning:


No problem :slight_smile: This awesome user probably should have mentioned it first so people know, but hopefully they will edit it in! A quick search on the app, and I came across the story Love is A Game and checked out the style (plus you can find the link to their Episode story through their instagram bio). And have a nice day! :heart:


Thank you so much.


It is in INK sorry for the late response. Did you want to be in the story? If so, please reply back with your details


Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Chestnut)
Face: Soft Heart
Eyebrows: Smooth Arch
Eyes: Downturned Natural (Taupe)
Nose: Elevn
Mouth: Full Round (Rose)
Body: Ink Female (Taupe)


thank you! Also thank you for participating


No problem. I love helping.


My name on episode is “Teah”


This is the wrong section. I think it would go best in the episode fan community section. :+1:t5:


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Oh okay I will include you! Thank you for participating!



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