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Coding comes easily to me now and I remember when I was starting out it was scary and overwhelming so I am here to help those who see this as overwhelming and just need a little help. If you have a question drop it below and if you need a template feel free to ask!

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I need some help with tappable overlays please!

Like a generic template on how tappable overlays work would be great thanks!

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You can check out:


Thank you!!

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Once you have your overlays placed where you want them use this . . . Change the overlay names and make sure they are EXACTLY the name of your overlay unlike choices in the quotation marks you can not name the option what you want instead you need to make it the exact name of your overlay or else it will not work.

tappable "OVERLAY_NAME_A" {

    You chose option 1. 


    You chose option 2. 


If you want to add any more options just make more options the same way you would for a choice. If you would like to add a choice where no overlays were clicked add this to your code . . .

else {

    You chose neither option 1 nor 2.


If you have your overlays places all through out the three zones you can use a code that makes it so the reader can move the screen around a view the entire three zones. If you want to do that use this code and alter it as need be . . .

tappable [pan:1:2] "OVERLAY" {


There is so much more that can be done with tappable overlays I learned about it here . . .

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help :heart:

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how do I write the code for fading when time passes?

fading out from one scene to the next?

yes but like a ticking clock, to show that time has passes

by ticking clock what do you mean, Im sorry i am just confused as to what you are asking for help with

which fade should I use for showing that time has pass?

Honesty you could use any one and add

readerMessage Time Skip

after the transition. there is no specific transition for time changing but one that I would recommend is iris

@transition iris in black
@transition iris out black


@transition iris in white
@transition iris out white

Hope this helps!

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No problem!

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