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Hi, i was stupid enough to start a story without a plan and i’m already on episode 8. i have no idea how the ending is going to end. could you help?

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here’s one link for you!

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Hey can you write me a description for this?

Title: Droid.

Brief description: Mc applies to work for a droid company and then she gets kidnapped by the boss from the company and turned into a droid. Later on she meets another “droid” just like her that has had the same thing happened. If you need anymore details let me know.

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here’s what i have!:

Working for a droid company seemed like fun, until you’re kidnapped and turned into one of the droids! Finding that there’s more like you, can you escape your metallic future?

this is just under the character limit, so i hope you like it! :pleading_face:

I love this! Thank you.

no problem, i’m glad you like it! <3

hey I would love a few story ideas

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hey! im in the process of planning a simple but non cliche high school romance story and im stuck on what the plot twist should be so it isn’t to basic/cliche.

i’d love to help!
i’ll pm you now! <3

Hello! I wanted to request a story idea.
Genre: Mystery
Overall theme: A family with mysteries maybe?
To be honest, you can change everything, I have 0 ideas in total :no_mouth:

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this sounds great!
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Thank you. You’re doing the work of god haha

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could I pm you?? I would rlly love ur help on my story​:yellow_heart::sob:

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i’ll pm you now :pleading_face:

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