Get Help For Your Story Here! :))

Hey, again!
I am really second guessing the names of two of my characters…
So, i thought i could use your help!

Nationality: American
Preferences: Common american names but not too common (if that makes sense)

Nationality: American
Preferences: Common american names but not too common (if that makes sense)

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i’m happy to help <3

here’s some ideas for you:


✧ Melody
✧ Carmen
✧ Cady
✧ Hayden
✧ Harmony
✧ Bellamy
✧ Eden


✧ Axel
✧ Stanley
✧ Ashton
✧ Wyatt
✧ Myron
✧ Coltrane
✧ Jude

i hope this works for you :pleading_face:

ooooh I love the names Carmen (partly because of a TV show “where in the world is carmen sandiego” ) and Axel

I am soo gonna use them !


ahaha no problem! :pleading_face:
‘carmen’ is also the title of a song by Lana Del Rey, and i saw your name and it just made me think of the song ahaha!

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Haha ,
ppl ask me if i am related to her ( i don’t know how that works)
lol but, thanks for the names

hmm i’m not sure that’s how genetics work :thinking:

no problem, feel free to ask if you need anything else! :yellow_heart:

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I’m new to writing Episode stories, but I’ve recently started my first one. I just finished my first episode. Would anyone be willing to read it and give some feedback? I’d appreciate.

welcome to the community :pleading_face:
i don’t offer reviews unfortunately, but i could send you some review shops for you to look at? <3

hey! i’m open, and ready for requests :pleading_face:

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me better my summary. I don’t rly like it atm. Here’s the summary:

Cleo and Oliver are both going through a lot. Lately, they’ve felt lost and confused. Will one fateful summer night changes things for them?

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i’d love to help!
i just need to know your full plot so i can get a better idea at who each of the characters are :yellow_heart:

thank youuu

I’m up to it! But how exactly am I going to be able to read your story? Are you going to publish it with 2 of the chapters locked or? Let me know!

Ofc! Hold on a sec I’m gonna pm you

thank you, that’s fine! <3

Hi! Can I get a story idea?
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Overall Theme: High school


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of course, i’d love to help! :pleading_face:
i’ll pm you some ideas so nobody steals them ahaha!

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Tysm!! You’re amazing!! :star_struck::pleading_face:

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stoppp! it’s my pleasure :pleading_face:

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i’m also writing narrations! :yellow_heart:

Do you review stories too?

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