Get it off of your chest! ❤️

Hola hola hola! This thread is to get anything & everything building up inside you out of your system. Any opinions, tea, you name it!

If you share anything below, maybe others or myself could help out or give you any advice needed! It’s a good opportunity to make friends & stop bottling up your emotions <3

Well, the rest is up to you! Talk about anything you need to. :blue_heart:

But… here’s some rules!

  1. Don’t judge people on their own opinions and beliefs. Remember, we’re all entitled to our own opinion. :slight_smile:

  2. Please don’t upset anyone, or make them feel like they are a really bad person.

  3. Spread kindness! I’m sure we all have something good to say <3

  4. Respect everyone’s point of view and their side of the story.

  5. If you wanna curse, please blur out the word. You never know if any under 13’s may stumble into here! :heart::joy:

  6. Don’t be offensive to ANYONE.

  7. Please don’t share anything that would be unnecessary and 13+. There’s A LOT of under 13’s here. :zipper_mouth_face:

Well… that should be it! Now please, go ahead.

(don’t worry, these rules apply to me too :smirk:)



I stole these tags so don’t come for me hehehe


Lol I Love this!


Ok I have one
I think I need new friends but everyone already has their friend group sooooo I am alone :grin:
Oh and I KNOW that my stepmom is a hoe :+1:


I’m still trying to fit into a friend group :sleepy::joy:


I was lurking on this thread. Is this like a rant thread?


Lol we can be lonely together!!

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Well, if you wanna rant, go ahead! Whatever you have bottled up inside you, let it out. <3

(just make sure whatever you say hasn’t got a rule against it :wink:)

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Idk what to say expect that

I hate my irl bff, like she’s so annoying but my bff and I can’t leave her so I just stick with her and ughshhsbs, must be puberty :smile:


I have friends but a few
Just not a group like I used to


Why do I relate too? Have no friends at all,

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Girllll, you gotta tell her the truth if you’re not happy with your relationship with her :eyes:

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Well yeah but she has been my bff for over 8 years we have went to the same school for 5 years and we talk everydayyy, but like she has these “boy problems” and I’m just there like “welp time for my single ass to get out of here”

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Hey @Toxic.Dreams
Do ik you? lol

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All this drama lately at school it honestly makes me wanna travel somewhere farrrrrrrr away because I’m literally so tired :woman_facepalming:t5: I feel like no one irl really cares about me anymore


Me everytime I go to school

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Imma be honest…

I really really very much dislike myself. Woowee, That felt good to get out!

Deleting this in a few…:no_mouth:


I mean I was enjoying school till all this drama popped up today and now I’m like blah don’t wanna go to school and I don’t wanna stay home kinda wanna hangout with my guy friend but also wanna just leave


I’m sorry to here that Turtle I hope you feel wayyyy better soon tho! And I think you’re 1 in a million

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