Get ready for a FREE Splash Shop TOMORROW!

Hey, Epi’s! I decided to open up a splash shop that will start tomorrow @ 11AM (Central Time). If you can wait to have your request fulfilled until then, please comment what you would like done below and yours will be the first that I will start on tomorrow.

This is SPLASHES, only. I have not yet mastered covers. However, I am working on getting better at it. I believe that my splashes are quality content and I think you’ll be happy with my work. It’s all fun to me :slight_smile:

Here’s a few of my splash examples:

Thank you!! :heart:


Are you looking for people who want to join? If so I’d want to.

I wasn’t. Lol but now that you mention it that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. If any one requests and you see it before me then you can make it for them. But I will start working on the ones I accept tomorrow. Just reply “Accepted” underneath their request so I know which ones not to do. Thanks for helping!

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No problem. I’ve been looking for someone took work with anyways :blush:

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Let me know when your ready to start.

I’ve been ready but no one is commenting so lol

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Oh ok. Well I’ll help you out tomorrow.