Get to know me!

Hello people or person if you are reading this I am officially coming out as bisexual​:partying_face: this was very hard to do and I am still very nervous. So like if your a female under the age of 16… My Instagram is @melodicdreams._​:joy::joy: I sound like a douche but um for real I wanna meet some peeps​:grin:


I’m not into girls but congrats :)))

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:grin: Happy for you!

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Congrats! I’m out of your age range, sorry.

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BTW if you couldn’t tell I was joking you don’t have to hit me up but I am bi

Welcome to the fam :partying_face: :asexual_flag: :bi_flag: :nbinary_flag: :pan_flag: :trans_flag: :rainbow_flag:

Congrats! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rainbow_flag:

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