Get to know the community! Questions about you!

Get to know fellow Episode community members! Copy/Paste questions and maybe you’ll find your long lost twin! This is to get to know one another. Be sure to reply to people you have a lot in common with! Maybe they can lead you to great stories on Episode :wink:

If you want to add some more questions go ahead!

Favorite Movie?
Favorite Book/Novel?
Favorite Color?
Favorite Anime?
Favorite Candy?
Favorite Restaurant?
Favorite Singer?
Favorite Song?
Favorite Video Game?
Favorite Board Game?
Favorite Food?
Favorite TV Shows?
Favorite Sport?
Favorite Hobby?
Favorite Music Genres?
Favorite Drinks?
Favorite Snacks?
Dream Job?
Where would you like to travel?
Who are Your Favorite Episode Authors?
Favorite Episode Stories?
Something interesting about you?


Sign? Sagittarius

Favorite Movie? Shaun Of The Dead… I love zombies and Musicals! Of course Disney too

Favorite Book/Novel? The Host…although I read a lot so that’s tough!

Favorite Color? Light blue/sky blue

Favorite Anime? Inuyasha, Angel Beats, No game no life…

Favorite Candy? Suckers

Favorite Restaurant? Fogo De Chao

Favorite Singer? Oh! Ashanti, Skye Sweetnam… Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston

Favorite Song? FALL for You by Secondhand Serenade

Favorite Video Game? Dragon Age or Mass Effect. I also enjoy telltale games and COD

Favorite Board Game? Life

Favorite Food? Sushi

Favorite TV Shows? Game Of Thrones, Once Upon A Time, The 100

Favorite Sport? Basketball

Favorite Hobby? Video games, writing, and reading

Favorite Music Genres? Kpop, spanish, oldies, pretty much everything except blue grass and opera

Favorite Drinks? Corona and Coca Cola

Favorite Snacks? Spicy Nacho Doritos

Dream Job? Travel Blogger or writer for video games

Where would you like to travel? Japan, Korea, anywhere in the UK

Who are Your Favorite Episode Authors? Andrea Elle, S.M. Murphy, earlgreytea, I’m sure there are more.

Favorite Episode Stories? Beyond the Stage, KProject, Love & Dance, On Tour, Tied to you, deaths game, etc

Something interesting about you? Nothing…lol


Sign? Gemini
Favorite Movie? Tangled
Favorite Book/Novel? The Princess Bride
Favorite Color? Purple
Favorite Anime? Does Pokémon count?
Favorite Candy? Take 5
Favorite Restaurant? Chilli’s
Favorite Singer? Carrie Underwood
Favorite Song? The Other Side (The Greatest Showman)
Favorite Video Game? Mario Kart (any of them)
Favorite Board Game? The Game of Life
Favorite Food? Pizza?
Favorite TV Shows? Good Eats
Favorite Sport? Badmitton
Favorite Hobby? Writing
Favorite Music Genres? Broadway-Style and Country
Favorite Drinks? Coca-Cola
Favorite Snacks? Popcorn
Dream Job? Professor of a Biology
Where would you like to travel? Australia
Who are Your Favorite Episode Author? Kayla S
Favorite Episode Story? Dead 7
Something interesting about you? I live on a farm.


Pokemon is an anime so that counts! I love Broadway too. W hat is your favorite play/show? Ive always wanted to live on a farm! I love horses

Sign? Leo :lion:
Favorite Movie? Inside Out or Tangled (Flinn is so hot lmao)
Favorite Book/Novel? Probably The Stranger
Favorite Color? Lavender or Baby Blue
Favorite Anime? Don’t watch anime
Favorite Candy? Skittles
Favorite Restaurant? Chili’s
Favorite Singer? Daniel Caesar :heart_eyes:
Favorite Song? Streetcar by Daniel Caesar
Favorite Video Game? Fortnite or Sims
Favorite Board Game? Game of Life
Favorite Food? Steak and potatoes :potato::cut_of_meat:
Favorite TV Shows? Grey’s Anatomy (although this past season sucked lol) or the Office
Favorite Sport? College Football and Basketball
Favorite Hobby? Writing
Favorite Music Genres? Rap, soul, pop, rock, alternative,
Favorite Drinks? Chocolate milk
Favorite Snacks? Popcorn and white chocolate pretzels
Dream Job? Neonatal Surgeon
Where would you like to travel? Wherever there are a lot of stars
Who are Your Favorite Episode Authors? Alex Light, Susannah M., Kay Elle
Favorite Episode Stories? Maid for You, Strange Fruit, The Secret of Rain
Something interesting about you? I foster orphaned kittens


Yesss Tangled is such an underrated Disney movie :heart: That one gave me all the feels lol

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I like Waitress, Newsies, and Anastasia. You?
Also the kind of farm I live on is a small horse farm.

Sign? Virgo but I don’t really believe in alla that.
Favorite Movie? Taken and Shrek. I will not choose between them.
Favorite Book/Novel? Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin
Favorite Color? Blue
Favorite Anime? Initial D
Favorite Candy? Lucas chili power
Favorite Restaurant? Masa. This Italian restaurant in Echo Park, CA. Best pizza ever.
Favorite Singer? The Weeknd
Favorite Song? Die for You by The Weeknd
Favorite Video Game? AC3
Favorite Board Game? Clue
Favorite Food? Italian/Pasta
Favorite TV Shows? Bob’s Burgers
Favorite Sport? To watch: soccer. To play: football
Favorite Hobby? Reading
Favorite Music Genres? Hip Hop
Favorite Drinks? Palomita which a drink made with tequila and squirt.
Favorite Snacks? Xxtra Hot Cheetos
Dream Job? Coder and web designer
Where would you like to travel? New Orleans
Who are Your Favorite Episode Authors? As told by Brandi.
Favorite Episode Stories? Somewhere Along the Way by Coni B
Something interesting about you? I won many writing awards in high school. Mostly for my poetry.
Here’s one of them:

S & M


This text will be hidden
I wish to never care again
Because that’s when you love me
That is when the sky rips open
And your want for me floods the earth

I wish to slice over your feelings like bare wrists
Because that is when you feel alive
That is when your passion for me exists
And it joyfully gushes through the bandages

I wish to emasculate the very essence of your soul
Because that is when there is fire
That is when your need is whole
And the scent of desire clings heavily to your skin

I wish to ignore you for eternity
Because that is when you feel mortal
That is when you decide to forget narcissism entirely
Your love is chasing me instead of your own reflection

I wish to be “Rude Inception”
Because that is when you take the time to read who I am
That is when you fill my inbox with your praise
That is when I never escape your gaze
That is when you start keeping track of our days
That is when you see me as the color that rest atop your grays
And you soak in the oceans of misery I write for you

I wish to leave you broken and bruised
Because that is when you find a heart to feel something genuine
Unrestricted and un confused
Because this hurts too much not to be real
Those few moments are when you really belong to me


Imma cancer
My favorite movie is home and Moana
My favorite book is Blake
My favorite color is purple
My favorite anime is dragon ball z
My favorite candy is fruitys
My favorite restaurant is red lobster
My favorite singer is Rihanna
My favorite song is u by her
My favorite video game is minecraft
My favorite board game is headbanz
My favorite food is hot wings
My favorite tv show is the thundermans
My favorite sport is basketball
My favorite hobby is writing stories
My favorite music genres are hip hop and pop
My favorite drink is root beer
My favorite snacks are takis and root beer and fruitys
My dream job is a singer and rapper
I would like to travel to Atlanta and Jackson Mississippi
My favorite episode authors are wiktoria and evil ebboni
My favorite stories are Blake and stripped
Something interesting about me is that i write faster when I speak in a British accent

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Aries, my birthday on the 17th of April, turning 22 haha :grin:
Favorite Movie(s)?
The Danish Girl, Goodbye Charlie Bright, Brave, The Butterfly Effect, Savage Grace, BeetleJuice.
Favorite Book/Novel?
Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig
Favorite Color(s)?
Dark reds and Black
Favorite Anime?
Not into Anime haha
Favorite Candy (Sweets)?
Sour Pops, Sherbets.
Favorite Restaurant(s)?
Bella Italia, Jamies Italian, Las Iguanas
Favorite Singer(s)/ Vocalists?
Taylor Momsen, Maria Brink, Rachel Platten, Alessia Cara. Stitch D aka Lee Villian, Oli Sykes, Mikey Chapman, Pink. (Some mentioned names are lead vocalist from some of my favourite bands)
Favorite Song(s)?
At the moment, it’s “Under The Water” by The Pretty Reckless. I also love “How To Save A Life” by The Fray, “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” by Oasis, “Autopilot” by Kodaline, “Creep” by Radiohead, “Cocoon” and “Homesick” by Catfish and The Bottlemen and “Holding Onto You” by Twenty One Pilots. I have way too many favourite songs from a wide variety of genres apart from Country and Crunkcore haha.
Favorite Video Game?
Mortal Kombat
Favorite Board Game?
Monopoly :blush:
Favorite Food(s)?
Pasta, Key Lime Pie, Grilled salmon with mustard seeds and raw Salmon with Mustard sauce and Sushi, Panna Cotta with Raspberry sauce. :yum:
Favorite TV Show(s)?
I’m a typical Brit, I love watching UK soap operas. My fav soap atm is Emmerdale and then EastEnders. Ackley Bridge, Derry Girls, Waterloo Road. The Amazing World of Gumball, The Loud House and last but not least SpongeBob Squarepants!
Favorite Sport?
Sleeping? I suck at sports unless air hockey counts?
Favorite Hobby?
Favorite Music Genres?
Pop rock, Pop Punk, Hardcore, Rock, Metal, Pop, Industrial Metal, SynthPop and Indie Pop/Rock and Grunge.
Favorite Drinks?
Dr Pepper, Cocktails, esp Lime Margharita haha. Coca Cola Original and Cherry. Pepsi Max Ginger, Mountain Dew Citrus flavour. Appletiser, Pomegranete and Apple flavour, Iced Tea and Smoothies.
Favorite Snacks?
Party Rings, Digestive Biscuits, Lemon Flapjacks. Wasabi and Lime crisps.
Dream Job?
Screenwriter or author
Where would you like to travel?
Who are Your Favorite Episode Authors?
Kayla Sloan, Joseph Evans and any of the authors of the stories I have mentioned below
Favorite Episode Stories?
I Despise You, Infamous, Meet The Adams, Dead 7, The Secret Of Rain, Demon Roomates.
Something interesting about you?
I am me and nobody else can be me. It’s the same interesting thing about everyone I guess haha…


I love the newsies and Anastasia as well! I also really enjoyed rent and hairspray

I loved the poem! I used to enter writing contests as well. I was in a poetry book when I was in 5th grade but…looking back on that poem now I cringe cuz it is horrible! Creative writing was my favorite class. Pride and prejudice was a really good book. Have you ever read the zombie version of that story? I wondered where you got your name RudeInception , I thought it was interesting!

I haven’t read the zombie version loll.

I got my name a while back. It was kind of an alter ego when I was younger I guess. Online I was more brazen and bold and irl I wasn’t. Eventually I grew out of the submissive phase though lol. But I kept the name.

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I wrote a poem explaining the name in more detail but I lost it a while ago loll

Sign- I don’t know.
Favorite Movie- If anything I’d have to say The Blair Witch Project
Favorite Book/Novel- **Fifty Shades Of Grey! (Just kidding I haven’t read it) I actually really like To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite Color- Black and White
Favorite Anime- I don’t watch anime
Favorite Candy- I hate sweets but I love salty things
Favorite Restaurant- Olive Garden all the way
Dream Job- I really want to write the next Lord Of the Rings, if you get what I mean
Favorite Episode Stories- **Blue Lilly, Somewhere along the way.
Something interesting about you- I actually won a lot of awards in high school for poems and short stories.

Here’s one I wrote in my freshman year:

End. Just end.
Stop the madness.
Stop the insanity.
Snap out of it.


At least a little.

Maybe not.

What is sane?
What is sanity?
Who’s to judge?
Who’s to say?

Don’t judge me.

I cut.
I smoke.
Six psychiatric meds.
Still not enough.

Does enough exist?

I cannot find it.
Boredom is agony.
Agitation, irritation.
Stuck in one place.

I want to scream.

I want to yell,
to shout out,
to tear into me,
to bleed and cry.

I usually can’t cry.

In shock.
Fight or flight.
Both together,
my yin and yang.

Always and forever.

So there it is.
That is me.
Now you know.
But you already did.

I don’t hide it.

It is who I am.
What can I do?
But share it and hope.
That others will care.

And be comforted.

Don’t feel by yourself.
If you feel crazy too.
I asked for no judgment.
I won’t judge you.

You’re never alone.


Sign? Gemini
Favorite Movie? Gokusen 1,2,3
Favorite Book/Novel? Too many lol I’ll just put one here. Dork dairies
Favorite Color? Purple,pink,blue
Favorite Anime? Kaichou wa maid sama, Pokémon, No Game No Life etc.
Favorite Candy? The one that is sour at first then turns sweet. Can’t remember the name though.
Favorite Restaurant? Claypot
Favorite Singer? Me
Favorite Song? All songs from The Greatest Showman, Faded, Kiss the rain etc.
Favorite Game? Episode (I cancelled out the video)
Favorite Board Game? Chinese chess
Favorite Food? Pizza :pizza:, McDonalds, KFC
Favorite TV Shows? :thinking:
Favorite Sport? Running and most of the sports
Favorite Hobby? Drawing
Favorite Music Genres? Pop
Favorite Drinks? Coca-Cola
Favorite Snacks? Popcorn, chocolate :chocolate_bar:
Dream Job? Artist, Singer
Where would you like to travel? Anywhere that is not too hot :fire::droplet: I can’t survive :droplet: :fire:
Who are Your Favorite Episode Author? Kayla S, Cleodara, Anneliese Allen
Favorite Episode Story? Dead 7, The gangs, Becoming his pet
Something interesting about you? I can be your BEST FRIEND or your WORST NIGHTMARE / ENEMY.


Sign? Leo
Favorite Movie? Phantom Of The Opera (1943)
Favorite Book/Novel? The Lord Of The Flies
Favorite Color? Yellow
Favorite Anime? I don’t watch anime.
Favorite Candy? I don’t eat sweets much but toxic waste I guess.
Favorite Restaurant? My local family run restaurant called ‘Limoncello’.
Favorite Singer? Solo Singer: Frank Turner Band: A Day To Remember
Favorite Song? Abandon All Ships Ft. Lena Katina - Guardian Angel
Favorite Video Game? Kingdom Hearts (2)
Favorite Board Game? Monopoly
Favorite Food? Macaroni Cheese
Favorite TV Shows? Chicago Fire, Call The Midwife, GBBO
Favorite Sport? Football (Soccer if you’re American)
Favorite Hobby? Camping, Exploring
Favorite Music Genres? I like all genres
Favorite Drinks? Anything strawberry & kiwi
Favorite Snacks? Onion Rings
Dream Job? Not sure…
Where would you like to travel? Machu Picchi, Peru
Who are Your Favorite Episode Authors? Zayen, Anyanka, Alex Light
Favorite Episode Stories? Cetrinda, Blue Lily, The Darkness WIthin, Necessary Evil,
Something interesting about you? I don’t know, I wake up every morning and see the Thames River.

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Sign? Gemini

Favorite Movie? The hunger games

Favorite Book/Novel? Girl online

Favorite Color? Yellow

Favorite Anime? Don’t see

Favorite Candy? Anything ( sour please)

Favorite Restaurant? Italian

Favorite Singer? Adam Levine (Maroon 5)

Favorite Song? Rn Heaven by Julia Michaels

Favorite Video Game? Sly 3

Favorite Board Game? Monopoly

Favorite Food? Pasta

Favorite TV Shows? 5o

Favorite Sport? Dance or soccer

Favorite Hobby? Dance or drawing

Favorite Music Genres? Pop

Favorite Drinks? Cola

Favorite Snacks? Chocolate

Dream Job? Model

Where would you like to travel? Everywhere especially Bora Bora and LA

Who are Your Favorite Episode Authors? Bellona

Favorite Episode Stories? Dear Inmate

Something interesting about you? I love meeting new cultures

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Sign? Capricorn
Favorite Movie? Tangled :heart:
Favorite Book/Novel? I don’t have a favorite lol
Favorite Color? I love all colors!
Favorite Anime? Don’t watch anime.
Favorite Candy? Is chocolate candy? :thinking:
Favorite Restaurant? Burger King and restaurants that are only in my country lol.
Favorite Singer? Hmmmm… Shawn Mendes? It’s actually a singer from my country (i don’t wanna reveal my country so…)
Favorite Song? Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes and Company by Justin Bieber
Favorite Video Game? Don’t play video games…
Favorite Board Game? Monopoly.
Favorite Food? Pizza.
Favorite TV Shows? I don’t watch English tv shows…
Favorite Sport? …none
Favorite Hobby? Writing.
Favorite Music Genres? Idk lol…
Favorite Drinks? Coca cola and mango juice.
Favorite Snacks? French Fries :drooling_face:
Dream Job? Lawyer or Psychiatrist.
Where would you like to travel? Canada.
Who are Your Favorite Episode Authors? Get ready for a long list


Lady Dianna
Miss MJ
Sarah Kieser
S. Langdon
Alex Light
Natasha Hills
Ebonni Rose (or evil Ebonni)
Wincy (author of ruby tiara)
ER Gurney (Butterfly)
Violet Madison :heart:
Saige Mercer
Sai Keyhart (Complicated)
Charmian C.
Bianca (author of Unfaithful :heart:)
RA Ross (white clover)
Yolande (yp.writes)
Michaela Bri

I may be missing some…

Favorite Episode Stories? That’s an even longer list I’ve them in my bio on my profile here… I’ll say a few major favorites… The Ruby Tiara, Adrenaline, Fine Line, The Shaw Brothers, Deep Attraction series, Chain Reaction series, It’s just an Illusion series, Playing for Keeps, Unfaithful… And many more.
Something interesting about you? I am the most uninteresting person alive.


Sign? Virgo
Favorite Movie? Purge/ Madea/ White chicks
Favorite Book/Novel? None
Favorite Color? Dark blue/Blood red
Favorite Anime? Ouran High school host club
Favorite Candy? Skittles
Favorite Restaurant? Nandos
Favorite Singer? Melanie Martinez/ Nicki Minaj / Jennifer Hudson
Favorite Song? One night only-Jennifer Hudson
Favorite Video Game? Super Mario/GTA/Tomb raider/ Professor layton
Favorite Board Game? Snakes and Ladders
Favorite Food? French fries
Favorite TV Shows? Family guy/American dad/Simpsons
Favorite Sport? Swimming
Favorite Hobby? can sleeping count
Favorite Music Genres? Every genre EXCEPT country
Favorite Drinks? Coca-cola/water
Favorite Snacks? Cookies
Dream Job? Vetanarian
Where would you like to travel? USA
Who are Your Favorite Episode Authors? Joseph Evens
Favorite Episode Stories? Secret of Rain/ chain reaction/ Enchantress/Bad boy bachelor/Alec&Astrid (It got removed by episode)
Something interesting about you? I value animal lives more than humans