Get your free edited art here!

I am taking a break from writing right now so I might as well make myself do something with my time! All you need to get a bg is to follow my insta @aurore.episode !! I am very bad at digital art, but I will make someone an edited cover for them. I can do LL, Ink, or classic! I will also make edited instagram/forums pfp’s. Let me know if you are interested! YOU MUST CREDIT ME @aurore.episode




Hi my username on episode it @Bhadie_ and my titel name is How i met you its romance and thanks btw

Do you have insta?
Add me @aurore.episode

noo :frowning: im atually not allowed yet because i had some problems on insta

Hi !!! I wondered If you could do a pfp for me?

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Oh, okay. Well I will dm you then!

Yes! It will be edited, just add me on insta or dm me!

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I will dm you rn

Uploading: Capture+_2020-05-12-17-3wwrite ng…

I want it to write Loving good and bad
Story by: Ashleywrites
I want the loving good to be white and the and bad to be red plz

I need sky’s info!
I also have an idea, what if I made half the bg a “good” bg and the other half a “bad” bg!! with sky in the center

Yes yes yes!!

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And i already sen you her info at the to💖

Wow! I am blind lol! Sorryyyyy :gift_heart: :grin: :smiley:

Sen me an example of what the idea is pretty plz
Like this but with different bg, and the characters are in frame!

Ok when fo you think i can get it by?

Tonight! Within the next hour!

Ok thank you

Is this good?

Is this a small cover?