Get your ocs drawn here! [Closed]

UPDATE: My art style is super inconsistent so if you want me to redraw your character in an updated style pls let me know or one that I did before, thanks so much! As of now, requests are still open!!

Come one, come call! I’ve got an offer and you’ve been chosen! It does come with a price though and that is: Drop your character and some facts about them/traits! Then I’ll draw them accordingly. This is an example photo so the rendering is probs gonna get better, but if you have any specific requests let me know! I can also do a full poses! However, I may not be able to get all of you and I can only do simply backgrounds.

Looking forward to seeing–and drawing your cool characters! (because art is the only thing I don’t take unnecessarily long to do…)

(So I do have a bit of bad news, which is, a component of my graphic tablet broke and it’ll be 1-2 days before it’s fixed. But during that time, please feel free to drop in as many requests as you like! Whether it’s an art scene, cover, character art or just anything, don’t hesitate to let me know! I may not be able to, but it’s my goal to cover everyone on this thread!

Drop the character deets (personality & such!) and I’ll still draw’ em! Just to make it clear, requests are still defs open! I also will do more than one character and SIMPLE backgrounds!

Also you can drop pose ideas which are optional! Also please let me know what you want, if you don’t I will just do a bust. Thanks so much you guys! Ya’ll are awesome and I can’t wait to draw more of your amazing characters! :pleading_face: :blob_hearts:

(NOTE: IF ANY OF YOU would like your drawing changed or redone in a newer style, PLEASE don’t hesitate to let me know! It may take a bit of time (I hope to get it done as soon as I can tho) but I will be sure to cover you so DON’T BE AFRAID to let me know and I will do it! Just state the change you want or how you’d like it redone! I can redo the pose to the lineart color :clapping: just :clapping: let :clapping: me :clapping:know!! Thanks!!!)

another edit! I can also do splashes! (The only thing I can’t do is backgrounds very well lol, but I’ll still try my best!) But if you request a splash please let me know what font type and vibe and pose or the gest of it. Bbecause I’m an aspiring (wannabe :joy:) key artist it’ll be more in that style.)


Ooo cute art! :heart_eyes: is it okay if we message you or do you prefer for us to do it here?? :blush: :revolving_hearts:


Thank youuuuuuu so muchhh!!! I would prefer to do it here, but either one is good with me!


Is this free or commissioned ?




She’s very shy but talkative to those she knows. Loves art, nature, and very passionate about the solar system (what a geek ik right :woman_standing:t4:). She tends to dress very girly with hints of goth mixed in whenever she has the chance


Id say shes a bada*s and definitely not afraid to speak her opinion. She loves the rain and black but shes allergic to pink :rofl:


Loves to sing, party animal, nature loving
Parent to Bella ( Poodle) , Hates Violet (color)


Hi! Your art is so cute!
Name: Tamia


Body: Female Generic Body (Copper 07)

Brows: Straight Thin (Black Dark)

Hair: Medium Shoulder curly (Black Dark)

Eyes: Deepset Downturned (Brown Black)

Face: Square Defined

Nose: Round Button

Lips: Full Round Pouty (Rose Medium Nude Gloss)

Pic reference

She loves reading, rain, & the color pink!


Love your art style :blob_hearts:
Is it possible to get a drawing of my INK char


Idk the length u do but if u only do bust up feel free to free style it .

If u do full or knee up could u do this pose ?


This but against a wall with the legs down like this


Loves wearing black and purple :purple_heart::black_heart:
Dosent like pink .
Loves leather and the bad a** style / aesthetic

Can’t wait to see the results :3


She was an absolute joy to draw! I absolutely adore her personality, she feels like such a vibrant character! I hope I was able to convey that here!
Thank you for letting me draw her! :blob_hearts: Any changes you’d like made? Please let me know!


Don’t worry, I’ll get the rest of you tomorrow (or later today)! It’s very late where I am, unfortunately. Thank you for all the support and thank you for letting me draw your amazing characters! I’ll be back for the rest of them :smiley:

Also my rendering style will change from image to image as I’m experimenting around! But if you’d like me to render your image like the previous ones let me know! Thanks!


Certainly! Your ink character is glamorous and I’m looking forward to drawing her! Thank you so much!!! :heart_eyes: :blob_hearts:


Here is my Character. I would absolutely love to see the outcome! :butterfly:


Okay so I would say, I am a very shy Introvert, who likes to help other people as much as I can. I almost laugh about everything and I love to keep Family and Friends around. I am a really good listener and something you would call “a Mom- friend” because I will always worry no matter what, and I will tell you to be careful and safe no matter what you are doing :rofl:


Can i please type out my details since i don’t have a cc yet? I’m sorry if it’s a hassle.


body - neutral 02
eyebrow - Arched Natural (deep brown)
hair - messy sock bun (brunette brown)
eyes - female generic (can u please keep her eyes closed as the pic)
face - diamond
nose - Round Button
lips - Small Heart (red deep matte)
1 Stud Jewel Drop
2 Locket Necklace Metal Gold
3 Spaghetti Strap Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey
4 Pleated Small Belted Waist High Skirt Cottongrey Black
5 Underwear Bra Panty Lace Grey White
Here’s a pic

Character traits


She loves anything colorful and is very optimistic. She loves to explore new things and sometimes gets depressed that why moon and stars and every extraordinary thing out there is beyond within her touch. And she’s everything Lana Del Ray.

Thank you so much for doing this. I really love your artwork and can’t wait for the outcome :heavy_heart_exclamation:

My details

Character traits

Ambitious, crazy, lazy, loves white colour and Taylor Swift, loyal



Whoops- I pressed send before writing- anyways-

Well my characters clumsy (as you can see) he’s also very androgynous, they use any pronouns. They are a satanist, they very much enjoy art. And are very loyal and loves to help anyone who needs it. She’s very anxious though around large crowds/ and new people. Unless she’s at a concert. :metal2: :blob_hearts:


She looks absolutely lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. And your style of art is :weary::pinched_fingers:t4:.

She looks way better than I could ever imagine :two_hearts:. Thank you so much for drawing her btw

Edit: Do you by any chance have an instagram where I can credit you in a story? Also do you think I can get a transparent version of it as well without the white background, if not it’s okay :slight_smile:


emi's cc 2

CC by @Salbat.Author
Funny, smart, addicted to episode, will beat the **** out of you if you hurt her or her friends
An atheist
Writes super dark stories
Irish :shamrock:

Thank you for this opportunity!!! Your art is awesome!


Hey @Goth! :wave:t2::heart: Hope you’re doing well! :blob_hearts:

Before sharing my OC, I have to say that your art is so beautiful & cute!!! :blob_hearts:

Okay, so here’s my character card:

Okay, I’m going to mention this… Irl, I have blue-grey eyes. :two_hearts:

My character card is made by @Salbat.Author!! :heart:

Loves: Butterflies!!
Likes: Studying & Writing
Dislikes: Person who shows disrespect
Strengths: Creative, Patient, Insightful & Passionate.
Weaknesses: Sensitive, Perfectionistic & Reluctant to Open Up.

Have a good day/evening/night! :two_hearts:

Take care, Christina <3