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Hello Fellow Writers,

I’m sharing this thread as a Read for read as well as for a review if requested. I would also like for readers to support my story as well. The story info is listed below. Please feel free to comment your stories, and whether you would like a review or not.

*Due to substancial requests and finals, I am reading three episodes before doing a review and will finish stories in their entirety when I have the time.

Title: Struck by Cupid
Author: Tahirah G.
IG: @episode.tahirahg
Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
Genre: RomCom/Fantasy
Summary: Sidney and Daniel are co-workers who are always at odds. But an unexpected accident and some time in a coma, forces them to help change each other’s lives.
Story Link:


I’m gonna read it


Hey! I’d love a review from you and in return, I’ll read your story :slight_smile:

Title: Mad Love
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Author: Akanksha S.
Style: Ink
Episodes: 9 (ongoing)
Description: One day, you wake up and your mom is gone. Will you be able to find her in time and also true love along the way?



Could you read and review my story please? I am a beginner so this would be great

Title: A little girl rescued by an angel
Genre: Drama/hurt comfort
Author: Kim (me)
Style: Ink
Episodes: 4 (ongoing(
Description: Becky is a 4 year old girl whose parent’s have passed away. She lives with her uncle, who abuses her every day both physically and emotionally, Until she is rescued by a singer named Anita Gandre (my alias for ariana grande). Now she is on the road to recovery and learning how to adjust and know everything is ok again. This story is more of the process of her recovering from abuse.


Hi! I’d love a review too :heart:
Here’s my story :heart:
Title: Your Slhouette
Author: anby.episode
Genre: drama (plus fantasy and romance)
Episodes: 8, ongoing
Style: Ink
Description: What is the most important thing in life? Your family, love, friendship, your country? You need to figure it all out while being a Shade - a unit of elite troops in Firea.


I’d love a review and I will also read your story and give you feedback as well.
Title:The Heart Won’t Let Up
Episodes:6 (ongoing)
Description:Heavenly has been let down her whole life and although she would love to give and receive love, her heart just won’t let up. Will Ace change that or will it all crumble before them?


Hey, I would love to do a read for read with you, so if you’re interesed message me so i can start on your story.
When I’m done I’ll publish the screen shots here since I don’t have instagram. :slight_smile:
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.
Title: Shattered Souls
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink


Hiya! I would love a review on my story or a read for read :smiley:
Title- The art of seduction
Author- Chy.dillon
Genre- Romance but will be abit of action
description- What happens when your dad has a past and it finally catches up to you? Nothing is what it seems…

story link_


I’m going to read your story too !! :slight_smile: <3

Author: Xime Asto

Genre: Romantic

Style: Ink

Episodes: 9 (more episodes coming soon)


Descrption: Ava has always being on her comfort zone, everything starts to change when she moves in with her mother and meet three musicians that help her rediscover herself. Music, drama and romance!


Yours is on the list :black_heart:

Story Title : The Art of The Deal
Author : GraceX
Episodes :18 ongoing
Genre:Action/Comedy/Slight Romance


Thank you all for sharing your stories. I will get to all of them when I can. Due to finals approaching I am only able to do a couple of reviews a week. But I promise, I will get to all of you. :hugs:


Adding your story to my list! :slight_smile:

Title: A Single Rose
Author: crazycordy
Number of Episodes: 6 (on going)
Additional notes: Evelyn is the Vampire Slayer in the early 1900’s until she unknowingly falls in love with a vampire. He ends up turning her into a vampire and she somehow seems to have retained her soul. Unable to kill to feed, she leaves her vampire lover to continue fighting evil across the world. Fast forward 100 years or so and Evelyn lets someone get close to her. What happens when she starts to fall in love with a human who hates vampires?



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Hey everyone!
I’d like to promote my story called Complicated: with Bad Boy and Ugly Duckling here.
Below you can find the information you need to try it out.

Author: Mona K
Story Title: Complicated: with Bad Boy and Ugly Duckling
Genre: Romance, Drama, Action, Comedy
Description: Cathyln is constantly picked on by her peers. Boys make fun of her and her “friends” make her do errands for them. Revenge her peers, betrayers and what if guy changes or not?
Instagram: @monak.episode

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram to contact me or for sneak peeks of the story!
I’m up for read for reads as well, contact me on Instagram for that, please! :slight_smile: :two_hearts:


Hi, your probably don’t remember but I already read your story.


Hello Everyone, as you all know from the title of this thread. This is supposed to be a read for read and only two people from this thread actually read my story. If you still want a read and review from me, please send proof that you read my story through IG or message me through this forum. This is supposed to be a community and we all are expected to support eachother.


Oh, I’m sorry I remember! I didn’t read your post because of I on my iPhone. Yes, I remember I can read your story. my memory is wiped :exploding_head:

So I delete my old story to change to the new story with the same title and new revamping and improving better than last time :slight_smile:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: