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Hey! So a lot of people of the forums have different names on the episode app and a lot of people also have the same name as someone else on the app so it’s hard to identify each other! So I thought it would be a good idea for people to be able to share there names and pf character!!! I will add it up here as soon as possible!



Insta: @episodesapphire
Episode: Sapphire (:


Episode: StellaR


This is a great idea @MyaShadow!

My forums name and Episode name are the same :grinning:

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I actually have a deets card; I’ll share it below :slight_smile:


You’d be shocked to know that my name is the same in both.

Now, why you’d even consider looking me up is another question entirely!

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My Forums username is @ WinterMoon05
My Instagram username is @ episodesapphire
My Episode name is Sapphire (:


Forums: @StellaRose
Instagram: @stellaroseever
Episode: StellaR

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Forums name: @Raven_author
Instagram: @raven_author
Episode: Raven


Forums: @latasha_b
Episode: Latasha B.

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