Getting a character to walk into a scene

My character is sliding instead of walking into a scene how do I fix this? Here is a example of my script.

@CHARLIE walks to spot 1.280 243 -51 AND CHARLIE is rear

CHARLIE (talk_rear)
Why haven’t you cleaned up the kitchen?

Maybe in between those two, try writing @pause for a beat

Also when you are writing the spot, write @CHARLIE walks to spot 1.280 243 -51 in 2 AND CHARLIE is rear

It might work, just a thought :thinking:

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If you want your CHAR to walk you have to write

@CHAR walks to spot x y z in T and CHAR is walk_rear

Or another kind of walk animation.
If you put a static animation, your char will not walk.

(T is time)

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Yup, I agree with this. the timing of how many seconds the character is walking is important and up to you @ToyiaMcCray . Also, you need to choose a walking animation for the character. It varies for different story styles so the choice is yours :slight_smile:

For example:

@CHARLIE walks to spot 1.280 243 -51 in 3 AND CHARLIE is walk_exhausted THEN CHARLIE is rear


Thank you guys.

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Your welcome!