Getting a featured story

Can someone explain all it takes to get featured like with gem choice assets and reads and all that stuff?


a half billion reads.

If you mean featured on a shelf, it’s just a matter if your story fits an upcoming shelf theme and is of a decent quality (helps if many people nominate it too).

For Episode to purchase your story and feature it, that’s different:

If you mean how do you access the Writer’s Payment Program:

500,000 general reads (half a million) across all of your published stories in the last 60 days.


100,000 gem reads & 50,000 gems used
across all of your published stories in the last 60 days.”

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What bout the assets

How do they get assets and they already publish the story

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “assets”? Like, premium outfits and things like that or are you referring to something else?

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You have to get a featured story or to get any and all gem choices assets, backgrounds and props. They are not available for regular content creators like you and I.

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