Getting an ERROR message but I don't see any error in the script HELP PLEASE

Im getting this ERROR message “You forgot to name your premium choice! Please add (choiceName) after the choice command.” But the premium choice does have a name! I don’t understand :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Try adding a space between > and “

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I tried it, but still won’t work :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Do you have other lines after that?

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I have the full customization choices, but all choices are named. It doesn’t make sense :confused: I think its a bug because It was working all fine

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When you have premium choices (if I’m not mistaken, it also applies to gem choices), you have to name the choice itself.

So try adding something after the word ‘choice’. For example: choice (customization) and then you write the choices.


You don’t need to name choices with premium (gold) options if you don’t want to, naming choices is only required for gem choices :slight_smile:

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Oops, you’re right. Nevertheless, she needs to name the choice. I only saw the premium choice when I first answered, that’s why I said it, lol. Now I see that the error is because she has a gem choice.

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oh i didn’t know gems choices had to be named! so this was the problem, cuz now it’s working! tysm! the message was saying premium, so it confused me lmao

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Can someone please help me with my script error? I have no idea what to do. The error only pops up when it’s time for one of my characters to speak and it’s like that with every chapter I’ve worked on and finished. All the speech bubble information is correct so idk why it’s not working can someone please help? And if someone can tell me how to write my own topic on the forum instead of having to reply to someone else’s that would be great.

Can you send your script? Also, check out the forum tutorials for how to make your own topics :blush::heart:

When you make a premium choice, you have to name the choice

Try this:

choice (customize_the_name_of_choice)

edit: this was already answered before :sob:

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