Getting an error


Guys, i’m in trouble. I have been getting a error with the choice that I don’t understand how i got it the error says, “There is a { on line 194 that does not have a matching }” I’ve used both and I still got the error… I’ll give the part of my script where i’m giving the error. :sweat_smile:

“Show up fashionably late with some new outfits!” {
readerMessage you’ve gain -1 friendship
SOFIA (talk_smile_happy_loop)
Well, we have a change of plans.
&SOFIA is idle_happy_loop
@ZHI is cheer_happy_loop and ABIA is idle_awkward_uneasy_loop
gain label BAD
goto label BAD
“Show up on time, with the outfits you already have!” {
readerMessage you’ve gain 6+ friendship

    SOFIA (talk_smile_happy_loop)
Sorry, Zhi.. We can't be late.

&SOFIA is idle_happy_loop
ABIA (talk_agree_happy)
ZHI (talk_neutral_loop)
&ZHI is idle
gain label GOOD
goto label GOOD


Do you maybe have another bracket that is not within the choice that is missing a partner?


Okay, you might want to redirect your brackets there.

The original format is:

choice “option1” {

} “option2” {


You might want to keep those straight, because if one of those brackets is misplaced, it leads to a world of trouble.

So, you might want to word it as:

choice “Show up fashionably late etc…” {
Yada yada
} “Show up on time etc…” {
Yada yada

I think everything should be next to each other like that in order to make sure that isn’t the issue. Like @Purple_Ghost said, there might be something else, but putting it in the above format will make sure that it’s nothing within that little bit you gave us. Hope this helps!


Anytime you get the error message that you have a missing bracket but you checked and all brackets are there, then the real issue is inside those brackets and the system just can’t find it. So you have to look closely for the error. In your case, gain names cannot contain spaces. They can only have letters, numbers, and underscores. So instead of “gain label BAD” try doing “gain label_BAD”


Ah, that’s true as well! When I write my gains, it’s usually just one word in all caps.

gain ABC

Thanks for pointing that out, that may be an issue as well!


I always miss that when people ask what the problem is.


Lol right? :joy::joy:


I have the same message error popping but I’m using the Episode’s template (Choice-outfit) and I correctly wrote the gain with a “_”.


Oh, well, I added an other } at the end and it works.
So, sorry.


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