Getting back into a story (writing)

Hey! I’m Ellie, and in June 2020 I published a new story called “Irresistible Desires.” That same month, I was able to get 2 more episodes out (5 eps in total). Once I began writing the 6th ep, my life took a major turn. Everything was amazing, and I still wrote, but I was sort of distracted. Then, 3 weeks later, another turn. Ever since then, everything has been absolutely horrible.

Writing has always been that get away for me, being able to write and create a story that allows me to plan how it ends, I was always able to put my mind into the story (if that makes sense). But ever since this stuff has happened, I let writing and everything else I loved slip away from me. If youre a reader of mine, I’m so sorry. I’m really trying.

The question is, how do I get back into it? I try and try and try, it just never turns out the way I want it to. I need to be able to write and get away from my real life because I simply LOVE writing, but I don’t know how. “Just write” or “I don’t know, just do it” aren’t answers, its not that simple. Writing is a commitment and a continuous activity that you can’t just get over with. It should be a quality piece.

All of that being said, any advice or opinions? I really want to get back into it for real.

(so sorry for the rambling :confused:)


Hi, Ellie!!

I have this same exact problem. Sometimes you just find yourself in a bit of writer’s block. The times I notice I have really bad writer’s block is when…

  • I find myself no longer relating to what I’m writing. (This one happens frequently.)
  • Have other stuff on my mind.

I try to write out my directing ideas right before I go to bed. I just spill them on a piece of paper and try them out in script in the morning. If that doesn’t work, then I decide I need to “just write”.

I’ve learned this is really, really key to writing. Sure, the writing will be really bad and have zero structure, but you can always go back and change it and give it some life. It just helps you get back into the motions of writing a story, spot directing, and seeing if literally any idea will move your storyline along.

I even start working on other stories (ones that I probably won’t publish). This helps me to get back into the creating-ideas mindset. Typically after it’ll get my brain up and running and I’ll have lots of ideas for my original story.

Just remember, not every episode needs to be perfect. You can write something bad.

If we’re talking on the subject of having things slip from you…

You are 1000% percent entitled to take a long break. One of my favorite authors (who wrote “Dare to Dream”) is on a phatty break. Sure, it’s disappointing but since I love to write I understand. Writing takes a lot out of a person and a lot of emotion and honesty. When other stuff is going on, it just is practically impossible.

It’s much more important for you to be emotionally healthy rather than force yourself to write a story you aren’t getting a feel for.

Hope this helps,
Lynne Harper :heart:


i had this same problem a little while back . writing short scenes involving the characters (which by no means would actually be featured in the story’s final draft) was very helpful, as it helped me get back into the feel of which character was likely to say what. if you don’t love the characters that you’re writing then you’ll find it very difficult to get back into writing your story, so writing more of them and getting to know them better means you’ll warm to them more . try putting them anywhere; in situations completely unrelated to your storyline, aus , anything.

alternatively , i also found that changing up my plans for the future storyline helped me get back into writing again . adding new characters/new dynamics between characters/little twists here and there made me genuinely excited to see where the story would go , and really want to get back into the continuation of the storyline .

even if this doesn’t work , i hope your block doesn’t last :,)


thank you so much, honestly i appreciate it :heart:i’ll definitely try all of that!


thank you! i’ve been trying to do that recently and it’s beginning to work on me… hopefully it takes me somewhere :joy:


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