Getting better at coding

I really wanna learn coding that is been used in stories like My Psycho by Bukii But I don’t know where to find a way to learn that. I know the basic’s but I just wanna get beter at it can someone help me?


read forums, watch tutorials and practice, practice, practice :smile:

You get better overtime through research and practise. It doesn’t come straight away but from practise!

I understand that I just don’t know where to look that’s my problem :sweat_smile:

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The forums, youtube tutorials! Check out this youtuber!

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You could check out Joseph Evan’s videos on youtube, they start off with some basics


well if u dont know how to do this already
this is how u make it llook like a person is running very very fast

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen right in 0.4

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Wow thx I didn’t know that ! :hugs:

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np oof

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if u like i can tutor u in coding idk

Sure that would be great!

just pm me and i can get right on it

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