Getting bored ?We can chat here!


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@SilverStar where r u kiddo? We havent talked in one whole day!


wht abt me ??:frowning_face:


Sorry sprry. I was getting there. I gtg now so i didnt reply. And @SilverStar you better PM me soon. I gotta tell you something. Bye.


I am bored…i wanna chat :innocent:
Lmao :joy:


SO…what do u wanna chat abt ?? DO u watch mc movies ?? I love IRON MAN ,What about u ??WHOSE ur fave mc superhero ??Tell me more about u !!:wink:


Lmao :joy::joy:
You sure do have a lot of questions :joy:
Uhm… Lol here everyone is talking about that but I never watched those kinda movies… Now I feel like I have to LOL.


Have ya seen Shaw Brothers?
Or are ya watching Jefree Star?

James da ShiSter Charles?

Or lmao queen Shane Dawson?


Wow that was a lot of questions


WELL,THEY’RE GUD ,U SHOULD GIVE THEM A CHANCE ,I asked that bcoz ,jus like u said many guys talk abt that n I thought it’d be a better n common topic to start a conversation .U said u were getting bored ,so was I ,so I asked u those questions to pass time !!AND

Many people have said that to me !! Don’t know if it’s a gud or bad thing !!Lmao !!:sweat_smile::no_mouth:



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