Getting my story started! help me get ideas for assassins missions!

So my story takes place at a boarding school for secret assassins, the main character has been there for two years, she is finally able to go on real missions. The Academy targets bad people for money, they help cut down corrupt politicians, abusers, mafia, etc. The first chapter is going to set up your characters background and friends, the end of the first chapter I think the captain (still working on the name for the head of the academy) should announce to the players sector/team that they are going to have a mission. What should it be, who should they take down? I want the story to have multiple “missions” with varying undercover and difficulty

let me know in the comments!


So I think the first mission should be harder because they have to prove themselves. What about a corrupt president? It doesn’t matter what country but the United States president is a hard target so I would go for that. That’s just an option.

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the last one could be some big plot twist. like, it’s the mc’s secret big brother that no one knew about except the mc💀

me going further in depth

maybe he could be some big business man who hired an assassin for another business man, just out of pure greed. and now the assassins are turning against him because they knew the other one did nothing wrong, and the brother has some criminal background that shows how bad he truly is. maybe the other business man found out from a mole in the brother’s company so they hired the SAME organization (your mc’s organization).

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