Getting Paid On Episode

So I’m currently a new writer & saw that you need 500k reads or 100k reads with gem choices in order to qualify for the payment program. How is this 60 day countdown done? Is it after you publish your first few chapters? What if your short after the 60 says, do you need to start a new story? How does this process work?

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It’s for all your stories that gained reads in the last 60 days. You don’t necessarily have to publish a new story, as long as you can get 500k/100k reads in 2 months, it’ll be fine.


For the 100K reads for gem choices, does that require each episode have a gem choice or 100K gems we chosen over 2 months?

Gem chapter reads are for any chapter that included a gem choice (whether or not the reader chose it). So if you have four chapters and only two have gem choices and someone reads all four, you’ll get four general reads and two gem chapter reads.
But to qualify for payments, you need 300 gem choices selected in those 60 days as well.

So 300 gem choices including either 500k General or 100k gem choice reads?

To qualify you need either:

  • 500k reads in 60 days (general reads- these do NOT need to have gem choices in them, but chapters with gem choices will count to this total)

  • 100k gem chapter reads in 60 days (chapters with gem choices) and 300 gem choices selected by readers

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You do not have to create a new story. As long as it has the sufficient figures within the 60 day time frame it qualifies!