Getting people in TV



Does anyone know the code to get characters on the tv


You need a TV overlay :blush:


Hello I have requested one it is in the making but I was wondering if anyone knew the code?


When you get the overlay I can make you a script template if you’d like? :star2:


Yes please I don’t know how long it will be


Don’t worry, just let me know when you get it and I can code it for you :blush::rose:


They are making a background will this matter


For characters to be inside the screen you will need a TV png :blush:


What do you mean


A TV with a transparent background :star2:


So it cannot have a white background.


You need to be able to upload the TV as an overlay :ok_hand:


I am a little confused


Type in png to Google and you’ll see what I mean :sweat_smile:




What if it is an already made episode background?


As long as the TV is png it won’t matter :revolving_hearts:


Hii, can you make a script template plzz. I have the TV as overlay but idk how to put the people in it, can you help me plz??


PM me and give me the details :sparkles:


Hello @roniepisode the tv is done could you help me please?