Getting people in TV



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I don’t understand! Like for example if you had INT. TV CLOSE UP2 - DAY how would you add a overlay? like just search up a show and then resize it? then make it into an overlay then put the overlay on top of it? CAN someone show me an example…


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are u still struggling with this? i have a script of using live episode chars in tvs


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this is from my story ( keep this in mind ) (although i changed a few things to make this less confusing)

INT. NEWSROOM OL - DAY (the background u want in the tv) with TV STAND (the tv overlay which is 640 x 1136 aka the size of a zone 1 bg) at layer #. I recommened to do layer 3+ (so layer 4, or 5, ect)

&zoom reset
&NAOMI spot 1.280 -50 0 and NAOMI moves to layer 4
&MUM stands screen right and MUM moves to layer 4 and MUM faces left

(NAOMI and MUM, aka the people who aren’t in the tv, will always be at a HIGHER layer than the tv overlay so they are not “in” the tv)

&MAY JUNE spot 0.866 160 217 and MAY JUNE moves to layer 2 and MAY JUNE is talk_arms_crossed_loop

MAY JUNE is IN the tv, so she will always be at a LOWER layer than the TV. (which is for me, is layer 2)

Make sure to spot direct or resize chars to your liking




what is the link for the tv stand?


it’s by @alexa_episode