Getting sick of this game already

I spent hours on a story that I didn’t finish because I can’t even change the effin name of the characters I created. I don’t want the name anymore but I can’t find a way to change it. I don’t want to delete my story so far just to change the name but I also have no reason to share my story once it’s done if I can’t change it. I put my YouTube name as one of my characters but I don’t want that name anymore because I don’t want everyone knowing my YouTube channel. If u can’t change this without deleting shit and starting over I’m just gonna uninstall the entire app and make a review because it’s 2018 how is there not an option to change names on a game?

Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you: did you read a story that you wrote, or one by someone else?

Well, there is, but you would have to be on the computer to change their names, are you on a computer or in mobile?

Mobile doesn’t have as many features as a computer has and that’s probably why you can’t change their names in mobile.

It’s my own story

Oh okay I’m gonna check on my computer then, thanks I’ll be back.

Let me know if you were able to change the names, if you have any trouble I can explain it to you.