Getting the discouraging thoughts down my head, onto screen😂

I don’t know how to start this off, but I’m tired of waiting for my story to get featured. Whenever episode announces featuring stories, I’d always be eager to see if there’s my story on board but nah. I’ve been waiting for it like more than a year. I would really want to see my story featuring someday. That’s truly my dream. And sometimes I even cry at the fact feeling that maybe I’m not a good writer and that I don’t write a good content or something. But then these REALLY amazing friends cheer me up saying that I wouldn’t have had 50k+ reads if it weren’t for my talent. So yeah I know it’s just in my own head. not being offensive to anyone in any way!!! Moreover I appreciate each and everyone who made their way into getting your story featured!! not blaming anyone as well lmao :joy:

so yeah, thanks for coming for my pep talk and I truly appreciate anyone who have read it this far. I’m sorry if anyone felt offended with this message, no offense in any way. Just trynna get the thoughts down my heart! Thank you!!! :pleading_face:


I’m happy for you! I published my first story back in July or August of 2021, and until now I still only have like, 700 reads or something. I still don’t get discouraged at writing, because popularity simply isn’t what I was pursuing. I did feel sad once when someone recommended my story for hidden gems, but mine didn’t get featured because I was late to check my mails to realize my story didn’t pass the review.

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That was very positive of you! Thank you for your amazing words! :heart: I wish you all the success on your stories!!! :star_struck:

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