Getting to art improvement

Hello so I like some feedbacks



I would outline your character, maybe lighten the nose lines?

Overall, it’s pretty good.

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@Freakish @Miss_Moonlight @Fazeclan_Lover @fran_on_episode @Falcon @FinnTheGhost


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Why have I been tagged
Do I even know you…?

they’re pretty good, maybe just darken and straighten out those lines. Otherwise very cute

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I’m just tagging random people for feedbacks

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Oh lmao
@Kerubiel is better with art advice :slight_smile:


Ok hold up you would like genuine critique from moi?? It may hurt ok I’m just warning but I’ll try n be gentle

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It doesn’t need to be gentle I can handle the harshness

Sorry! Something came up and I can’t anymore, apologies

Do I know you?

Apparently, she’s just tagging random people.

She’s probably just putting an “@“ sign and typing F.

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true, @FinnTheGhost @Miss_Moonlight and @Freakish are the first ones to show up when tagging @f



@Epy.raven, I suggest you just wait for people to give you feedback instead of tagging random people. They may be doing important things and you are just interrupting them. Please refrain from doing so in the future.