Getting Weird Error for Choices

I am doing an outfit choice and I am getting error unexpected character or scene change found. It is saying the title I have for the outfit Black Skirt is the problem. Here is the code did I do something wrong?
(Let’s get ready for the dance)
choice “Black Dress”{
@CHARACTER1 changes into Black Dress}
“Black Skirt”{
@CHARACTER1 changes into Black Skirt}
“Blue Leather Pants”{
@CHARACTER1 changes into Blue Leather Pants}


I believe black dress has to be on the line after choice. Also, double check your outfit names.

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The problem is with Black Skirt not black Dress and I did check the names. Checking the outfit names was the first thing I did. I did move Black Dress down a line and I am still getting the same error.

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Those end brackets needs to be on the next line like this:

Thank you that was the problem. I have done it that way before with no problem.

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