Ghost 👻 by my online friend

I got frckin ghosted guys : (
I was talking to someone online for over a month now and idk I got prtty comfortable and close to them so it made me a bit sad, it didn’t affect my life drastically obv not, but now whenever I need a chat buddy coz no one in real life listens to me I have no one : /.
P.S. It was something about this person dat made me never stop talking to them and what I mean by ghosted is dat they kept leaving me on seen and then I kind of got tired of it so I made my mind up dat I wont send messages anymore becoz I might be annoying them or they might be busy for all I know but Im gonna miss them : \


Im a loner irl I’d be down to be chat buddies :sparkles:


Oh, that really sucks, I hope you aren’t feeling down or something. You deserve better!

Ik the feeling, irl I’m a bit of a loner so just send me a pm if u want…

Oh wow that’s messed up if ya Eva wanna chat pm me :new_moon_with_face:

To bad they ghosted you but hey we all here for you, including me!

I don’t have a life so we can chat whenever you want!


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