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Hi! So I need some help. I just used Joseph Evan’s tutorial on how to make ghost characters but I noticed how the overlay is in front of the background. It’s been bugging me all night of how the overlay is in front of the background is there ways to put it behind the background or do I have to use the duplicate Background as an overlay and put it front or? Someone help please.

Here’s what it shows mon the app btw

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I’m guessing you just need to lower the background overlay down a bit?

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:thinking: It looks like the overlay is too small.

Idk exactly what Joseph Evans’ tutorial says, but in general, the overlay should be the exact background used, in the exact same size. That way, they can fade into each other seamlessly, with no changes in colour quality.

Here’s Dara’s guide if seeing both guides puts things into perspective; it’s light on detail about making the actual overlay, but describes the coding and shows the results:


I originally had uploaded the same background from portal but it was too small so I messed around with photo resized apps to try make it bigger but that was the closest I got to without “this image isn’t 1mb”

:thinking: Now that I look at it, where is the overlay placed? The overlay should sit at 0,0, it might be too high in that screenshot. :thinking:

Also, is it the whole thing, or just 1 zone’s worth? If it was all 3 zones, cropping it somewhere (doesn’t have to be precisely at 640 px, can be somewhere after) will decrease the file size. :+1:

It’s placed at zone 1

And I was trying to make it one zone only. But I don’t know how to make it one zone only.

It’s somehow too high; if you place it at 0,0 or don’t specify other coordinates, it’ll sit at the bottom. It’s not at the bottom, the ankles are visible. :thinking:

It’ll depend on what image editing program you use.

I personally use Paint for short jobs like this:

  • Copy image, paste into Paint
  • Ensure that dimensions are right (height will be 1136px)
  • Zoom out so that you can see the blue-grey background behind the canvas
  • Click on background to de-select the image
  • Drag right side of canvas to make image less wide

But other image editing programs work just as well.

Here, I made a short diagram that should explain better than the words, let me know if you’re still having trouble. :+1:

Oh I just used IbisPaint so maybe that’s why I’m confused

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Ahhh. I’ve never used Ibispaint before, but I’m sure you can crop it there as usual, just be sure not to lose any pixels vertically. :+1:

Yeah I just set it 1920 x 1136 and idk what else to do because I know the image is gonna be too big and portal would say something like this:

That’s why you have to crop it.

You can have a look at some IbisPaint tutorials about the crop tool or whatever they have, to decrease the width (1920 will be too big). :+1:

So put it as like two zones instead of three?

:thinking: Yeah, now that I think about it, that’d work. 2 zones, or 1, whatever it accepts. :+1: Just make sure it’s slid all the way so that it gets all of zone 1.

Okay lemme try it now and see it works (crossing my fingers)

Yeah it’s still too big

and I took out the coding this time (the to # # after with overlayname I meant) and this what shows

I also just now put it at 640 x 1136 it didn’t work either :sob:

:thinking: I have no idea how it keeps getting to be the wrong size/position, but if you crop out zone 3 and part of zone 2, it works. I even tried it myself.


Here’s the overlay I used, but Episode will resize it when I post it.


I’ve got to go, all I can say is that if you crop (not resize) to get rid of zone 3, and make sure all of zone 1 stays the same, then put the overlay at 0.0, it’ll sync up correctly.

Okay thank you for the help.

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